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ESG V Budgets: How To Use Technology To Build A Sustainable, Resilient Business

Digital transformation and sustainability are high on everyone’s agenda with over 81% of UK organisations creating a formal ESG strategy, according to EY. Technology is a critical component, but budget restraints and economic downturn will pose a challenge.

In this eBook, leaders in the technology industry will talk about how technology can help you build a sustainable, resilient organisation, while driving operational costs down. Microsoft, Cisco, Talk Talk and Sage will share what they have learned from the switch to hybrid working, their ESG priorities and how they will achieve them

ESG V Budgets: How To Use Technology To Build A Sustainable, Resilient Business looks at:

  • What is ESG?
  • Why Should Organisations Drive ESG Initiatives?
  • Where to Start With ESG
  • How Can ESG Positively Impact on Budgets?
  • Who Should Own ESG in the Organisation?
  • Technology to Enable ESG


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