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Our Growth

“Our growth motivates our people”

Chess is proud to celebrate over 14 years in the 100 Best Companies to Work for. We believe that our growth motivates our people.

We have become a leading consolidator of the UK’s Telecom and ICT sector, over our 30 years in the industry we have completed over 100 acquisitions. We are proud of our flexible approach and our ability to work with different individual requirements of sellers and exit timescales. 

Market Opportunity

We are lucky to work in a fast-moving, dynamic, growth industry. Our agility enables us to embrace change quickly, strengthening our ability to grow. Innovative products and services create new,  exciting challenges and opportunities. 

People Opportunity

Our growth creates opportunity for everyone to progress their career, to develop knowledge and skill, to gain reward and recognition and to maximise their potential. The growth and success of our people ensures the growth and success of our business.

Maximising Our Potential

We have the talent, knowledge, skill, experience and drive to build a business we can be proud of. We are a significant player in our industry with the potential to be great. Striving to maximise our potential and that of our people will be a rewarding journey.

One Team Spirit

We are passionate about our unique team spirit.  As one team, together, we own and nurture our  vision, culture, values and customers.


We are, and have always been, an ambitious organisation with a desire to grow and be great  at what we do. We strive every day to be the best  of the best. This is our challenge. 

If You’re Thinking Of Selling, We’re Thinking Of Buying.

Chess is one of the UK’s leading technology solutions providers and we have an extremely flexible approach to our acquisitions and can tailor our approach to match seller requirements.

If you would like a valuation please email, Jessica Hughes our Acquisitions Project Manager on for a discreet conversation.