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Secure Your Homeworkers

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, companies are enabling remote working at larger scales. Often security is left as an afterthought and attackers take advantage of the newly created vulnerabilities in the system and the social panic. 

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#3 Connectivity and Support at Home

Working from home is now an everyday reality for many of our customers and network issues can be a challenge 

As schools have now closed and other businesses have also sent people home, many home workers are struggling with ensuring they can run their real-time work apps such as Voice and Video conferencing without interference from other people, who are also working from home or using other online content


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A Hackers Guide to Remote Working

Remote working for a hacker is brilliant, and not in the sense that they can work from home in a dark room wearing a hoodie. But because remote working means that a business is intentionally giving a path into the internal network that could potentially be accessed by anyone on the internet. This blog post covers some of the things that we have encountered across the team over the years.

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Chess Divert

Being able to manage business calls from anywhere, either on a temporary or permanent basis, is an essential aspect of business continuity.

Temporarily diverting your calls from your current premises to a new inbound number allows you to manage incoming calls and maintain workflow.

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#2 Your Cyber Security

If you are allowing devices to connect from people’s houses – it's possible that these networks have already been compromised by hackers or will be in the future. Implementing two-factor authentication, where another device like a mobile phone is used for extra security is the most important security measure that can be applied to systems.

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#1 Your Telephony

As the Covid-19 situation looks set to escalate, there's a lot to think about to keep your business running. Last week we shared the Top 10 areas we've focused on to ensure our own business continuity.

From today, we'll be going into these in more detail, setting out what we've learnt and offering specific guidance and support. Let's start with telephony.

17 March - High Call Volumes

We are currently experiencing increased wait times on the phones due to requests around the Covid 19 outbreak. 


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Coronavirus Service Update - Keep Your Business Running

The top 10 things to consider for your home-working plan.

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Injector 1.0

About six months ago, with the slow death rattles of the exquisite Empire C2 drawing near, not going to lie I'm still in mourning – that and python2, I was on the hunt for a new platform to sink my teeth into. While playing around with various frameworks on offer such as SilentTrinity, Faction, Merlin (all of which have their positives), I started looking at Cobbr's Covenant framework....

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Coronavirus Service Message - Keeping Our Business Running

Many businesses are rightly concerned about the potential impact of the developing situation with coronavirus and how it may impact their business. 

Some of Our Prices Are Changing from 1 April 2020

From the 1st April 2020, BT are increasing their lines and bundles prices for business customers.