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Secure Your Homeworkers

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, companies are enabling remote working at larger scales. Often security is left as an afterthought and attackers take advantage of the newly created vulnerabilities in the system and the social panic. 

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Manage Your Account Online With Our New Customer Portal

Our customers asked us to make their online experience even better and we've listened. We're launching our refreshed Customer Portal this Monday 1 June. 

Outage TalkTalk Business - 29 May 2020 - Resolved

We have been made aware of a network outage affecting TalkTalk Business customer nationwide - now resolved. 


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10 Tips to Successfully Manage Your Remote Team

As the reality dawns that we are all going to be working from home a lot more in the future, how do we make sure we make the most of it? There are plenty of benefits, but possibly a few challenges too, especially if you are a manager. There will be difficulties that you may not have dealt with before – especially if you’ve been used to sitting in an office with your team.

Here are a few tips to help get the most out of your team and your day

Returning to Work?

Judging by the amount of traffic coming into Manchester today as I went for my morning walk, many businesses are already asking people to return to the office. So I thought it might be useful to run through some of our thinking on the why’s and the how’s of making decisions

The People Side of Change

Adapting to a new normal and getting the most out of your investment in systems and people are big discussion points in the current climate, especially if, like us, you are likely to have people working remotely for the foreseeable future. 

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Alder Hey NHS Trust COVID-19 App

Our team recently developed an application which helps the NHS gather information about COVID-19 in children. Watch this video to learn more.

Adapting to a New Normal
Most of us are focused right now on simply dealing with the challenges thrown up by Covid-19 but I thought it might be useful to have a break from the 'here and now' and think a little further ahead.
Changes to Chess ICT Ltd Terms and Conditions

Changes to Chess ICT Limited’s Terms and Conditions from 1 June 2020

Changes have been made to the General Conditions which apply to all our products and services as well as to some Schedules which are terms and conditions specific to our products and services. The Schedules which have been changed are Schedule 3.1 Voice Services, Schedule 3.2 Internet Services, Schedule 3.4 Cloud Voice Services, Schedule 4.1 Fault Management for Connectivity and Schedule 3.2 Maintenance Support Services.

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Phone Fraud

The latest cyber crime report is never far from the headlines, whether it's a data breach, phishing attempt, or an email extortion campaign. However, one area that is often overlooked is phone fraud, where a hacker uses your phone system to either provide free calls to expensive foreign destinations or to gain some form of value from calling premium-rate numbers. If this happens you may be left with a significant bill.

At Chess, we offer a fraud monitor service where we check customer call profiles and lock them down if we notice unusual activity and I've noticed a definite uptick in fraud since the COVID-19 lockdown began. Here are a few security points that may be worth thinking about

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For many of us, the initial impact of lockdown was a huge change in the way we live and work. Most of us are probably settled into a good rhythm of working but may now be thinking about what will happen when the lockdown is over.