With a diverse range of sessions covering topics from AI and cloud communications to cybersecurity, the event was a melting pot of ideas, quick-wins and actionable insights. Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights.

Most Popular Session - Microsoft Copilot

In our most popular session this year, Chris Williams from Microsoft, joined Future Insight Technology 2023 and showcased Microsoft 365 Copilot. Microsoft 365 Copilot is AI which works alongside popular Microsoft 365 Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more. Copilot provides real-time intelligent assistance, enabling users to enhance their creativity, productivity, and skills. Chris shared some of the capabilities of Copilot and answered some key questions, raising the excitement for this product launch.


We shared some really exciting news during the welcome session at Future Insight Technology 2023. We are delighted to announce the launch of CyberLab, a specialist cyber security company combining Chess Cyber Security, Armadillo Sec and Cyberlab Consulting into one entity, providing a one-stop shop for all UK business security needs.

AI is taking the world by storm, so when it comes to cyber security is the human element still needed? To answer this question, industry leaders from Sophos, Forcepoint and TalkTalk joined our panel discussion "Dark Web Risks: Using AI to Boost Cyber Security". They explored how artificial intelligence is revolutionising cyber security practices so that viewers could gain insights into the strategies, innovations, and AI-driven solutions that can help protect their organisation.

Join a comprehensive journey into cyber security with experts from across the industry in these 15-minute keynotes. From adopting the hacker's perspective in "Red Team: Think Like a Hacker" where we were joined by experts from CyberLab, to uncovering the enigmatic "Dark Side of the Web," these sessions equip you with the tools to understand and mitigate digital threats. "Smarter Security" with Sophos provides insights into cutting-edge security solutions, while "Security 101: Cyber Essentials" offers quick wins to safeguard your data. Lastly, the discussion on "Present and Future Threats to Our Hyperconverged World" prepares you for the challenges of the digital age.

Together, these sessions are your key to fortifying your digital defences and ensuring the security of your data, business, and future.

Don't miss your chance to unlock a world of cutting-edge insights and strategies at the Future Insight Technology Conference, available on demand.


IT and Digital

The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT rocketed generative AI onto the radar, with 37% of people in the UK now using AI at work. We were joined by experts from Microsoft, Cisco, EE and TalkTalk in our panel "The Future of Work in the Era of AI". They shared insights into the evolving business landscape, where AI-driven technologies are reshaping industries and roles.

Learn how to make technology work better for your organisation, as industry experts discuss the leading strategies, solutions, and services to help you scale, connect, and grow with these IT and Digital keynotes.

"Smart IT Spending" is your gateway to cost-efficient strategies and informed resource allocation through managed services, while "Secure, Store and Share" focuses on the critical aspects of data management and accessibility in today's information-rich era. "Code v Low Code v No Code" empowers you to make informed decisions about coding options, optimising your workflows, and reducing reporting costs.

"Smart Web Solutions" highlights the significance of online interaction for business and its transformative impact. "Why Technology Fails" delves into the common pitfalls of technology initiatives and strategies to overcome them.

"Creating a Great Place to Work" examines the synergy between technology, culture, and performance, with valuable takeaways on fostering a motivating and productive work environment.

Cloud and Connectivity

Discover the knowledge you need to future-proof your business and to keep you, your people and your customers connected.

"Stop Sell: What Now?" is your roadmap to navigating and preparing for a digital future with alternative solutions after the 2023 PSTN Stop Sell. "WAN: Advanced Networking" presents the transformative capabilities of SD-WAN in the context of remote and hybrid work, ensuring your network aligns with the future of work. "How Cisco Networking Cloud Is Simplifying IT" introduces a game-changing vision for simplifying IT across all scales and environments.

"Experience Cloud Voice: Built For Business" explores the potential of cloud communications, fostering growth and strong customer connections. Lastly, "Why You Need a Contact Centre" dives into the necessity of integrated business communication solutions, streamlining customer interactions and enhancing operational efficiency. With the increase in hybrid working, compliance and performance remain a high priority to businesses, as well as maintaining and improving the customer journey and experience - find out more about Customer Experience.

Mobile and Devices

Your workforce needs the best tools for the job, whether they are working at their desk, out on the road or at home. Discover the devices and solutions that can help boost productivity and grow your organisation.

“Get Ready to Say Goodbye to 3G” is your compass to navigate the transition from 3G to the advanced 5G network, and everything mobile. “Reduce your costs - Device Leasing" introduces a strategic approach to optimising your technology investments. It offers insights into the benefits of Fair Market Value Leasing and our device solutions portal, enabling businesses to extract maximum value from their technology resources.