We are all feeling the pinch at the moment, trying to save money where possible, but this shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the level of service you receive. There are plenty of ways that businesses can look to reduce their costs, but we've outlined our top five recommendations.

Engage with your telecommunication provider or account manager

A key starting point for any business looking to reduce costs is to evaluate what you are currently spending and what your business requirements are.

At Chess, we provide our customers with their own account manager, which comes with huge value. With a Chess Account Manager, it's easy to review your services and cost, whilst keeping up with technology changes with no long waits on hold to speak to a real person.

Your account manager will be able to recommend the best service and a cost that suits you, and keep you up to date with the latest technologies. 

Consolidate your billing

Another key way to reduce costs without sacrificing your service is by consolidating your billing.

As part of a conversation with your account manager, we can review your entire IT estate. Although you may only think about your broadband or phone, what else are you paying suppliers for? Things to consider could be your business mobiles, Microsoft services cyber security and more. The likelihood is, there will be other services you can consolidate to one supplier, which could mean a bigger discount.

A good example of this is cyber security and Microsoft. You could be paying every month per user for cyber security protection from one supplier, and the same users also need the Microsoft applications, but they are only on a basic Microsoft Subscription. You could cancel your separate security subscription and instead upgrade to Microsoft Business Premium, which includes Microsoft Defender for Business, keeping your business protected but reducing your costs.

Put some time aside to review your bills, prioritise your business needs and determine what technology you need to achieve them. If you're not sure where to start, your account manager can help you determine ways to consolidate your bills. 

Migrate to Cloud Voice

The 2025 Switch Off is coming. We have all heard a lot about this, but it is now creeping ever closer! Every company in the country will eventually have to make the move to digital, but the best time is now.

Cloud telephony offers a cost saving when comparing to traditional ISDN and telephone systems. Not only does it offer you savings on the rental, hardware but it also provides additional cost saving benefits;

  • Work anywhere, anytime – the mobile and desktop application means you can work when and where it suits you, never miss a call!
  • Collaborate App – the collaborate app offers the call feature along with an IM function which could replace existing messaging services you use to keep in touch with your employees.
  • No unexpected call charges – you can opt in to call inclusive bundles.
  • Huge range of additional add onsCloud Voice is a feature rich system which can offer call recording, call centre manager and much more. This will allow you to monitor where the calls originate from and offer you an opportunity to market to maximise business.

Cloud Voice Express

A cutting-edge digital phone service designed specifically for freelancers and sole traders who rely on a single phone line. As the UK Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) prepares for its sunset in December 2025, Cloud Voice Express offers a hassle-free way for small businesses to transition to a digital alternative.

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Consider Your Devices


Many people are adapting to remote work, which can boost productivity. But here's the challenge: ensuring your team stays connected to your business and customers can be tricky. Some employees might face slow home internet, lack a dedicated work connection, or risk extra charges for using too much data.

The solution is simple and can even save your business money. By choosing the right mobile phone plans, data packages, and devices for your team, you can improve connectivity and reduce costs. Our mobile consultants are here to guide you towards the best options, helping your business thrive while keeping expenses in check.

Lease, Lease, Lease!

We understand replacing hardware can be costly. For businesses that want to keep up to date with the latest technology or even have an urgent requirement or replacement, it can be a large outlay.

For small limited companies, leasing your hardware is ideal and a popular choice as you can get the technology you need without the upfront costs. Leasing gives businesses the opportunity to purchase hardware, from laptops and desktops to smartphones and accessories for a monthly fixed fee. You can choose to lease for a set period of typically 24/36 months.

Leasing not only saves your initial expenditure but is also typically less expensive than purchasing outright and ensures your devices are up to date to help enhance and maintain performance.

Device Solutions

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Review your IT support

Whether you have an in-house IT support team or no IT support at all, take some time to review your current set up. Managed support via your IT supplier could help reduce the costs considerably.

IT support teams are often stretched and therefore miss SLA’s, which could lead to slower performance of your people, hardware and service you deliver, so outsourcing additional support could help.

Having no IT support at all can also cost you considerable amounts, having to navigate and google your own way through a fix, often resulting in no fix at all and costly one off call out fees.

Managed support is a monthly fee, but will offer you support via highly trained service desk, incident management, remote and end user support.


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In Conclusion

There are lots of ways that businesses can look to reduce their costs or leverage technology to produce better results. If you'd like to talk to an expert about your business requirements, get in touch or book a consultation.