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Customer Portal - New Features

Our customers asked us to make their online experience even better and we've listened. 

Managed Security Services: What you need to know

This blog looks at the current challenges businesses are facing and how Managed security services can ensure your data is protected while also reducing your IT spending. 


Outage - Nottingham and Peterborough - 15 September

The outage affecting some CityFibre customers in Nottingham and Peterborough, causing loss of voice and data services has now been resolved, and the issue will be monitored for the next 48 hours.

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Customer Portal - Administrator Tips

Thank you for visiting our Portal Administrator Tips. We'll be adding to these regularly, so please do keep checking back.

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4G to 5G - Stay One Step Ahead

Despite all the discussions regarding 5G roll out and what place Huawei will have in our new mobile network – there is no doubt that 5G is coming and 2021 should see the roll-out gather pace.

Stay One Step Ahead - Telephony is Changing

What's your plan for the Openreach PSTN switch off? This starts in 2023 and concludes in 2025 - it will have a significant impact on all our businesses. 

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Five Key Benefits of Cloud PBX

One of our most successful products this year is Cloud PBX. This is a business grade phone system accessed completely through the internet so you can make and receive calls anywhere. 

Outage - LHC Data Centre London - 27 August - Resolved
The issues affecting some of our services, caused by a suspected fire at the Telstra LHC Data Centre in London are now resolved. 
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Five Microsoft Apps to Help You Work Smarter

Popular apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint have become essential tools to run our businesses, but there are many more features in Microsoft 365 that are often overlooked which could help you to work even smarter.

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Accessibility Compliance

With the virtual world an extension of the physical, accessibility has often been treated with the same consideration – as an afterthought. It's time for change.

Outage - 18 August 2020

We have been made aware of a fire alarm being triggered by a UPS failure which caused the power to go completely down at one of the Harbour Exchange data centres in London, affecting some services.