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How stressed are you? Are you under resourced? Overworked and underappreciated? Are you confident you chose the right career path for you?

Concerned about your network's security? We’re now CREST-certified PEN testers!

Entrusting your IT systems and sensitive data to a stranger for PEN testing can be a risky business.

Download Our Internet Access Datasheet

Chess provides a full range of Internet options for its customers, from broadband and fibre to leased ethernet lines.

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GDPR Are You Ready? Internal Training

The more internal training there is, the better you and your business will be able to demonstrate accountability towards the protection of your customers’ data.


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GDPR: Are You Ready? The Importance of having a Privacy Policy

This is a document that we all need to have in place to ensure we are GDPR compliant.

Microsoft Office 365

Key Features
Set your office free with Microsoft® Office 365. Now more than ever, you need technology to be available round the clock – from capitalising on a hot lead to booking in a last minute meeting request.

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GDPR: Are You Ready? How do you deal with a Data Breach?

Nick walks us through what we need to do in the event of a Data Breach.

Download Our Cloud PBX Datasheet

The benefits of a reliable, feature-rich PBX solution has been a key success driver for many larger enterprises. PBX was simply not an affordable or manageable business investment for growing firms, until now.

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GDPR: Are You Ready? What is a Data Breach?

Nick talks us through what constitutes a Data Breach and what we need to do when reporting it.

How quickly could your business recover from a disaster?

Disaster Recovery offers full protection of your telephony, email and business systems.