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Old Tricks V New Victims: How To Get Cyber Security Right

Malware is nothing new, yet the risk of cyber attacks is higher than ever with malware and ransomware as a service becoming widely available. In the last 12 months, 66% of organisations were hit by ransomware and 9 in 10 experienced some form of operations impact, according to Sophos.

In this eBook, which follows our FIT Conference Panel of the same title, industry cyber security experts share their insights and experiences on the common reasons why organisations fall victim to cyberattacks, and what they should be doing to improve their security posture.

Old Tricks V New Victims: How To Get Cyber Security Right covers:

  • Why do Organisations (still) Fall Victim to Cyber Attacks?
  • What Should Organisations do to Improve Security?
  • How Geopolitical and Economic Factors Affect the Threat Landscape
  • How can Organisations Balance the Budget?
  • Key Learnings From the Panel
  • Cybersecurity Technology Solutions to Consider


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