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Chess Affiliate Program

Register. Refer. Earn. 

Become an affiliate of Chess

The Chess affiliate program allows you to generate commission referring business to Chess, and you will receive commission for all sales generated from your referrals.  
It’s an excellent way to grow your business and offer more value to your customers as you will have access to our full line of Chess products and services. 


Register your interest in the Chess's Affiliate Program Program. 


Refer your customers to Chess for the ideal solution. solution for them.


Grow your sales by earning commission off the sales.

What are the benefits of being a Chess affiliate?

Benefits to you

  • You can get access to our full line of latest products and services including VoIP, Mobiles, Connectivity, SIP Trunk, Cyber Security, Security Testing etc.
  • An all-in-one supplier, not having to deal with multiple entities for multiple products
  • Increased revenue
  • Easy process
  • Marketing support
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • No cost to become an Affiliate of Chess
  • No need to learn the complexities of the telecommunications industry
  • The latest network tariffs and offers
  • No up-front cost for handsets
  • Chess manage the entire quotation and connection process


Benefits to Your Customers

  • Proactive account management with access to industry leading knowledge
  • Access to a wide range of products and services
  • On-hand support and advice when required

Why choose to be an affiliate of Chess?

Chess is one of the UK’s leading independent and trusted technology service providers, employing 300 skilled people across the UK, supporting over 20,000 organisations.By leveraging world-class technology, Chess helps you to connect your people, protect your data, grow your business, reduce your costs and work better together, which means your business, your people and your customers can thrive.

How to become an affiliate? 

The process is simple. Get in touch with one of our representatives today and start your journey to becoming a Chess Partner Affiliate. 

I agree for my information to be used for marketing communications.
Chess Privacy Notice

By submitting your personal information through this form, you consent to your information being processed in accordance with the Chess group privacy notice.