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Cloud Voice Clinic For Healthcare

Ensuring practices to never miss a call, with our easy-to-use hosted phone system

Boost Patient and Staff Satisfaction

With the NHS reporting in March 2024 that 92% of their practices have adopted cloud-based systems to maximise patient call responsiveness, the demand for flexible and secure communication solutions has never been greater.

There’s no doubt that your practice will be inundated with calls that require prompt and efficient services. Patients are often calling with pressing concerns and will expect a quick response; therefore, your telephony solution should be able to help manage expectations whilst improving communication across your practice.

With Cloud Voice, peak times can be managed efficiently through key features like Auto Attendant and Call Queuing, helping to mitigate the impact of high call volumes and ensuring you never miss a call.

Cloud Voice

Key Benefits

In the healthcare sector, hosted telephony offers numerous advantages. With Cloud Voice Clinic, every call is promptly answered, ensuring no patient inquiry is overlooked and no important interaction is missed.

Puts you in control

Cloud Voice puts you in control on your phone system. With an array of call handling and management features, all accessible through a user-friendly web interface, it minimises disruptions to your practice while optimising efficiency.

Improve Your Flexibility

Whether it's facilitating remote work for your team or providing a variety of devices from laptops to handsets to streamline operations, Cloud Voice ensures your orgasization can adapt and thrive in any environment.

Reduce your costs

You only pay for what you need on a simple per-seat basis. No major hardware investment and no financing costs to consider. Cloud Voice offers all the cost benefits of IP telephony including free site-to-site calls. 

What's Included

An easy-to-use web interface provides feature control and valuable user information. With our experienced inhouse software development team, we can provide a positive user experience for both service and performance monitoring. Check out some of the great features below!

Call Recording

Call recording is used to train and coach new receptionists, nurses and practice managers. Plus, your team have the ability to retrospectively record the entire call, should they feel the need.

Call Queuing

Call queuing allows patient’s calls to be queued at network level before they are delivered to a handset at the practice. Comfort messages can be played too, which will give patients reassurance that their call will be answered soon and provide information such as opening hours.


Integration with industry-specific CRMs can keep a record of call history and interactions with patients, as well as screen-pops on inbound calls to create a sense of customer service and care when answering calls. 

PC Soft Client

PC soft client presence and chat can be used to communicate amongst the team in order to help meet patient confidentiality. 

Statistical Analysis

Sophisticated statistical analysis of inbound/ outbound calls can help identify the busiest periods to help plan for staff scheduling.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery plan such as failing over to another number (mobile, other practice) ensures no calls are missed 

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant greets the caller, for example with a message saying that their call will be answered and ensures they are not left listening to a ring tone. It helps cut down the amount of time patients spend waiting in queues, as patient’s enquiries for opening hours and other information can be answered.

Receptionist Console

Receptionist console helps reduce the time it takes for a call to come in and be transferred to the necessary department or individual. The ability to re-order the queue is important, as some calls may need to be dealt with quicker than others in case of emergency. ‘Presence’ allows the receptionist to check who is available before transferring the call.

What our customers say

Chess was pivotal in helping Vaccination UK take a step forward into modernising our services, streamline our reporting and workforce, and assisting in rolling out a huge step change in how we deliver our services.

James Hart, Head of Operations for NHS Services, Vaccination UK

Chess understand that our customers rely on us for essential pharmaceutical services and that we, in turn, rely on our communication network to deliver this. They are an integral part of our operation, and we have total trust in their technical and professional expertise.

Alexander Pay, Managing Director, Paydens

One of our concerns going to VoIP was the quality of the sound of the calls. We were pleased to find out that this was not the case, all calls were high in quality. The handsets are good and it’s easy to add new users in the admin portal, scale up – scale down is no problem.

Lynette King, Office manager, Symphony Environmental

As we have configured the system more to our bespoke requirements for call flows for our working practices, our reporting tools report an improvement in business efficiency of around 50%.

Paul Finch, IT Manager, Armstrong Craven

Cloud Voice

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