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Broadband Migration - FAQ's

We're upgrading your broadband service as part of our ongoing improvement programme to ensure we have a future proof management platform which offers faster diagnostics and a range of broadband products designed to help your business stay ahead.

We have advised you by email – this is referred to as your ‘Install Date’ and is the date that you will need to replace your router with the new one which you will receive in the post.

No, your existing broadband will stop working if you don’t change the router on the install day that you have been given.

Yes, the new router is a Zyxel router and is fibre compatible. It will offer similar benefits and better functionality than your existing router.

We’re not able to provide you with an exact time to change your router.  On the install date, you will notice a drop-in broadband service, and this will be your prompt to change the router. If you are not at the router location on the day of the change-over, you should plug in your new router as soon as possible after the install day. Refer to the leaflet in the router box for installation instructions.

No, all work will be carried out at your local telephone exchange by Openreach. Openreach is the company that maintains the UK phone and broadband lines.

These FAQ’s will also accompany your new broadband pre-configured router. Please keep the router and a note of your install date in a place where you can easily access it at short notice.

Your new router will be pre-configured with new connection settings updated within the router. A copy of your new connection settings will be included in the new router box.
*Please note if you have added personal settings on your old router, then you will need to update these settings on your new router.

If you are unsure of how to replace the router, please follow the step by step instructions included in the router box.

You will have been informed separately if your IP address is changing. Please refer to the information sent to you recently relating to your specific account and the Broadband Service Improvement Programme.
Please note any additional external services that rely on personal settings that your old router may contain will need to be changed by you.

Please arrange for your existing router to be disposed of through your local recycling facilities.

No, there won’t be any additional charge and you will receive a new fibre compatible broadband router, free of charge.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team by calling them on 03301 280 690.