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When Did You Last Upgrade Your Devices?

Thanks for answering our newsletter question. Did you know that keeping your devices updated can help your business achieve its goals?

Click – Buy – Deliver

How Chess Device Solutions can help your business

The way to equip your team with the latest devices and make it easy for your people to work securely anywhere, anytime while controlling costs.

Buy or Lease

Within the platform, you can purchase by selecting a buy now option or opt for a Fair Market Value leasing option, should cash be king in your business right now.

Devices for Everyone

One device does not fit all. Select the best option for your information, frontline and temporary workers from traditional desktop and laptop PCs to tablets.

Never Beaten on Price

Our Never Beaten on Price scheme guarantees the cheapest tariff by matching any provider and offers you the best price available.

Minimise Your Impact

Leasing is more sustainable and eco-friendly. You no longer need to consider getting rid of old equipment or recycling. Instead, the lender handles the product lifecycle for you.

How does Fair Market Value Leasing work?

Fair Market Value Leasing is a flexible financing solution. It enables end users to have access anytime to the latest versions of equipment, without the hassle of ownership. You simply pay a fixed amount per month to use the equipment. Looking at the example below, Fair Market Value is cheaper than both Buy Now and Traditional Finance.

Buy Outright

Capital Value: £150,000
Total Repayable: £150,000

FMV Leasing

Example (3 years)
Capital Value: £150,000
Monthly Payments: £3,599.24
Total Repayable: £129,572.64

Traditional Finance

Example (3 years)
Capital Value: £150,000
Monthly Payments: £4,527.04
Total Repayable: £162,973.44

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Flexible Device Purchasing to Meet Your Needs.
Flexible purchasing options, including Fair-Market Value (FMV) leasing or outright purchase, can help overcome this challenge.
Our device solutions portal offers a wide range of devices, accessories, and services from top manufacturers, such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and more.

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