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Protecting students, staff and your reputation


Partnering with technology leaders is essential to help support with large, complicated network infrastructures and connect and protect students, staff, research data and their reputation.

Connecting and Protecting Educational Institutions

The ability to provide free and easy access to digital resources is key to any educational institution. With this come multiple challenges, including a duty of care to safeguard students online.

With a large range of personal devices and public WiFi access, educational institutions need to be able to monitor and act quickly.  It’s not only the protection of students and data which are a challenge. Keeping students and staff connected is key to forming strong relationships and gaining quality results, especially in a remote learning environment.

Public Sector Frameworks

Supporting the UK’s Public Services

Choosing a supplier is a complex process, however frameworks put in place by the government ease the pressure on resource, reducing risk and ensuing procurement compliance.


How Chess can Help You

As one of the UK’s leading independent and trusted service providers, Chess offers in-depth knowledge and expertise across your technology stack. These include organisational critical specialisms;  unified communications,  business software and technical services, tailored to your exact requirements, complementing the skills you have and supplying the skills you need. 

Work Better Together

Collaboration and team work are more important today than ever before with businesses like yours working more flexibly than ever. 

Explore solutions with Microsoft 365, Microsoft enhanced services and end user devices and start working better together. 

Protect Your Data

Data security is pivitol to your organisations reputation with your customers with more focus in the media on data leaks and breaches. 

Explore solutions with Dark Web Monitor, Disaster Recovery and Back up services to protect you data and business. 

Connect Your People

Connectivity spurs innovation by bringing together new technologies, data analysis, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This combination leads to the creation of smart solutions, automation, and better decision-making processes.

Explore solutions with Cloud Voice, Microsoft Teams and Internet Connectivity Solutions to protect you data and business. 

Grow Your Business

Investing in IT is pivotal for business growth as it enhances efficiency, enables innovation, and fosters a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Explore Infrastructure Devices, Cloud Infrastructure and Business Applications to help grow your business. 

Reduce Your Costs

Outsourcing IT services can unlock long-term savings for your business, reducing costs while ensuring you get the expertise you need to handle your business technology.

Explore Support, Professional Services and Microsoft Power Platform to help reduce your costs.

How Chess can help you future-proof your business


Our friendly team understand the challenges faced by housing organisations and can advise on the best technology tools and solutions to choose.


Our tech teams make sure your products and services are delivered as required, on time and on budget.


Additional training can be provided to ensure you and your people make the very most of your investment.


Need regular, IT expertise on hand? Or help with a critical project? Our Professional and Managed Services teams offer support tailored to suit you.

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