What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?
A VDI setup allows each user to log in to their own hosted desktop space and access all their work apps on a separate machine (often in the cloud). This provides consistent performance whether they are working onsite for a day or working from home. It also gives them access to the same files and information whether they are at their home computer, using a secondary computer in a separate location, or working from their smartphone or tablet device.
What kind of device do I need to run it?
Any device can be used such as a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. The power of the device used to access the virtual desktop has little impact on performance, as the work and storage are performed by the host computer’s hardware.
How does it work?
VDI solutions can be built in several different ways to suit a budget and the business needs. Usually, they are built-in resource pools so that identical desktop or users with similar needs can share resources for a more economical and scalable solution. For more demanding workloads it’s possible to provide users with a dedicated and persistent resource.
Why is this good?
  • Cost – Although there is a cost to run the VDI machine (in the cloud especially) what it means is you can run it on any suitable PC or Mac – even if it is old and slow. This extends the life of your equipment and means you can run it easily on a home computer.
  • Security – Because the applications actually run on the host machine or in the cloud, you can prevent access to the data stored on them and don’t have to be as concerned about the security on the device accessing the VDI machine.
  • Ease – Once the VDI is set up – you can connect to it from anywhere (often by a URL) from any device – with little to no configuration.
  • Control – Because your IT department or maintainer sets up the VDI machines, you can ensure standard builds of regularly patched software without any need to install any software on the user’s device. Ensuring everyone has what they need by simply giving them access to the VDI machine.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – The VDI solution could be an alternative to your current BYOD solution. You retain full control of your estate and your people use any device, anywhere to access the secure managed platform.

What does it cost for a basic set up?

Pricing depends on the kind of setup required and with the use of auto-provisioning it can be available only when needed. It is possible to create a remote desktop solution starting at £40 per month per user.

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