Why is Wellbeing Week important?

Wellbeing Week gives us the opportunity to educate, guide and inspire our people and give them a head start for the year. A combination of workshops, seminars and activities tailored around feedback from our Cultural Ambassadors allows us to deliver on the areas our people really want to focus on.


Keeping fit and staying active not only contributes to our physical wellbeing but is also proven to reduce anxiety and increase positive moods. This year we are providing our people with ‘Clubbercise’ sessions alongside our annual Step Challenge, in which we donate £1 to MIND for every 5,000 steps taken by our people.


Our people chose Mind as one of our 12 Chess Charities. MIND will be hosting virtual sessions with our people throughout Wellbeing Week and we will be donating £1 to the charity every time a member of the Chess family praises one of their colleagues on our Engage Platform.

Following the huge success last year, during wellbeing week, we will be re-launching our Mission Christmas - Toy Appeal. Cash for Kids, who run the appeal is a grant-giving charity helping the children that need it most across the UK. Their mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people who are affected by poverty, illness or neglect. 


In line with our commitment to support our people we will also be focusing on financial wellbeing. We will be teaming up with Barclays to deliver financial education sessions to our people, providing useful financial insights around pensions, cost of living and more.

Our wellbeing support doesn’t stop there. At Chess, we believe that happy people make customers happy. Our commitment to being a great place to work and a great place to be a customer will continue throughout year with our 20 different wellbeing benefits.

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