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Webinar - Driving Compliance with M365 in Financial Services


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Data regulations are increasing around the world.  Data itself is getting more complex and sensitive, and ensuring Data Governance and Compliance is placing ever increasing burdens on organisations.

To help manage these challenges, Microsoft has introduced a new set of Microsoft 365 compliance and cyber security solutions, including Compliance Manager, which provides more than 150 out-of-box assessments.

Watch our in demand webinar, to find out more out how M365 can help drive compliance and data governance.

Key Features
  • Intuitive management​

Intuitive end-to-end compliance management from easy onboarding to control implementation

  • Scalable assessments​

Leverage vast out of the box assessments to meet your unique compliance requirements across all of your assets

  • Built-in automation​

Intelligent automation to reduce risk: compliance score, control mapping and continuous assessments

Use Cases for Compliance Manager

  • Build out data protection controls and measure the control effectiveness against a baseline. This helps you establish and maintain technical, procedural, and people controls for your organization. By doing so, you can get ahead of compliance by being better prepared for new regulations coming.
  • For organizations that are subject to privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA, or industrial ones like HIPAA, Compliance Manager gives you guidance to implement controls and help you meet the regulatory requirements.
  • Managing IT risks could be daunting and challenging to start. If managing IT risks is part of your responsibility, you can leverage Compliance Manager to start assessing and monitoring controls that can help reduce risks. We provide out-of-box assessments for Office 365 and Intune.
  • Record your control details and store your evidence, and use them to prepare for internal or external audits, or your company’s annual risk assessments.

Compliance Score

The Compliance Manager overview lets you view and assess your overall compliance posture with a compliance score. At a glance, this score allows you to quickly understand your progress in meeting the data protection requirements and regulatory standards that matter most to your organization.

The majority of the score comes from Microsoft managed actions. This shows the benefits of shared responsibility – when organizations like yours move the data to the cloud, Microsoft, as a cloud service provider, provides built-in data protection controls in our service to secure the data, while your organization still needs to take some actions to implement effective controls and meet regulatory requirements.

By default, Compliance Manager gives a score based on common regulations and standards, specifically the Microsoft 365 data protection baseline which is a set of controls that includes key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance. This baseline draws its elements primarily from NIST and ISO, as well as from EU GDPR.

You’ll also get a list of key improvement actions that need attention, and the resulting impact it will have on the score. Once these actions are taken, the score will then update and Compliance Manager will continue to scan the environment and flag anything additional that needs action.

Setting Up An Assessment

When setting up an assessment, you can select from a library of over 150 assessments, modify them to suit your needs or build your own custom assessments to track what’s most important for your organization.  This assessments page lists the assessments you select to track for your organization and your Compliance score denominator is determined by all your tracked assessments. The more assessments you add, the more improvement actions you see on your improvement actions page, and the higher your score denominator is.

Watch the on demand webinar to find out more about Compliance Manager, and how M365 can help drive compliance and data governance in Financial Services.

Watch Webinar

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