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How a Law Firm Reduced Their Communication Costs

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Megan Yates, Business Sales Team Leader at Chess, looks at her recent experience as an Adoption and Change Management Consultant at a large law firm who chose Chess to help them connect their people with a new communications solution. She covers:

Introduction to Adoption and Change Management (ACM)

Adoption and Change Management (ACM) is a very well-kept secret. While ACM is widespread in the Project Management world, its use and benefits are only starting to crack the general business market.

We developed our very own Adoption and Change Management (ACM) practice in-house - a dedicated people-driven service that ensures our customers take full advantage of the new world technology we provide. As Service Adoption Specialists, we find ourselves at the centre of driving human and technical changes to deliver business outcomes.

In service adoption, the employee's experience - their technical capabilities and reliability, ease of use, and how the service applies to their daily life - is an integral part of the process. All areas of the business and the technology change are considered and built into the plan of action.




Customer Example: Freeths

Our most recent customer example showed how using the ACM framework meant a large law firm could adopt a new Unified Communications product across 900+ employees and multiple sites. Freeths is a top 50, £100m+ turnover, full-service commercial law firm with 12 offices spread across the UK. They pride themselves as business people first, lawyers second and being excellent value.

Our Service Adoption Specialists got to know the business and the people working there. Internal Champions are essential to the success of the project. Our team created a tailored rollout and adoption plan for a complete overhaul of the customer's technology by infusing the framework with personalised tips and tricks based on the people.

The results of this approach meant a high uptake rate of the system, less use of unwanted communication methods, and a positive sentiment across the employee base. Externally this created a clear and encouraging impact on customer contact rates and ease of communication.

We reduced Freeths mobile costs by circa 3k per month, giving them more control and eliminating bill shock. Our team also took over the management of Freeths' mobile fleet and its day-to-day running and management. As a result, Freeths now work more efficiently with the internal staff and look to build on and improve their infrastructure through their ongoing relationship with Chess.


Our Approach to Change Management

Stephen Dracup, COO at Chess, gives some pointers on how to get your people to buy into a change program using a simple three-stage method.

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People-focused service

Adoption and Change Management is a people-focused service, and there are lessons to learn in each case, even when following a tried and tested adoption framework. Having key goals such as achieving a Cultural and Operational transformation, you can create tangible positive changes from employee level up. You can read about our approach to change management here. 

Our environments are changing daily, meaning that new world technology is the only way forward to succeed. However, without the proper adoption of these products, we cannot keep up with the pace of the modern workplace.


If you need help with change management, our team of consultants can help you design and deliver a tailored adoption plan. Click here to book your free 30 minute consultation. 


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