At Chess we use M365, so the Teams app is the natural choice to keep our people in touch and connected, but it may not be the right choice for you. I’ve drawn up a comparison table to look at Zoom, Team and Webex in more depth.   


Sources: Follow the links for further product information: Teams Zoom Webex.

Security Opinion

Security has been a hot topic over recent weeks, especially for the Zoom platform, which has possibly seen the highest uptake and scrutiny of any on the market. Few products don’t have security issues of one sort or another, but what’s important is the skills, resources, and response times when issues are discovered.

Zoom may well turn out to be a victim of its own success as hackers target this popular video conference tool and find the security gaps in the system. Headline news attention has put Zoom in the spotlight adding further pressure to its relatively young security infrastructure.

Cisco Webex has a strong heritage which makes them well placed to offer security-specific solutions to any issues they may face. They already provide networking tools to many nations critical national infrastructure (CNI) so if a security fault was to be found, the response Cisco can provide is likely to be quicker and much more specialised than a platform like Zoom.  

Teams runs within the whole ecosystem of M365 so it gets regular updates, integrations, and security patches. Microsoft has an army of security specialists and coders who are working hard to get all the products to a 'secure' standard.

So what does all that mean? 

If you want a simple video conferencing app then Zoom is a good choice but watch out on security. If you want something with a longer pedigree, basic team working functionality, then maybe Webex. If you use Microsoft Office apps and want to drive collaboration for a dispersed workforce, more peace of mind on security, then Teams may be for you. One thing for sure is that whichever you decide on, it’s likely to be a firm feature in the schedules of everyday life, be it for business or pleasure.

As with any tech product, it's a good idea to speak to your IT provider to get their advice on what best suits your business.