System: Cloud PBX
User: 18 months
People: 30

Company Type: International Manufacturing
Name: Symphony Environmental


Lynette King is the office manager at Symphony Environmental. In her day to day role, Lynette ensures everyone remains connected. Since moving to Cloud PBX from their old premise system 18 months ago they have benefited from ongoing training and support, alongside high call quality.


’’Our old system was over 7 years old, we didn’t have a maintenance contract in place anymore and the support with the company wasn’t good. Bills were high, mainly due to international calls, we needed to find something that would satisfy all of those things’’


Chess listened to the challenges Lynette and her people faced and understood the business needs. Cloud telephony was their next step to forming a streamlined approach to connectivity to improve business efficiency.


Key Challenges with Old System:

  • The ISDN switch off meant the old telephone system would soon be redundant
  • High bills due to International calls
  • No support


Cloud PBX Solutions:

  • Great support and maintenance
  • Training on all the systems
  • Simple user-friendly app


''One of our concerns going to VoIP was the quality of the sound of the calls. We were pleased to find out that this was not the case, all calls were high in quality. The handsets are good and it’s easy to add new users in the admin portal, scale up – scale down is no problem''


Chess supported Symphony Environmental with their next telephony solution giving them the tools to advance into the future.


’’When people talk to customers from their mobile it appears as they are in the office’’


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