5G has paved the way for technology by offering ultra-fast download speeds that can make your working and personal life a little sweeter. You can now download a film in 3.6 seconds, the same film would have taken 26 hours to download a little over a decade ago, this really puts into perspective how far our technology has come, the question is, where will it go next?


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Release Date: 2019

Speed: 300 Kbps

Storage: 512 GB Storage


Technology is constantly evolving, even with the recent release of 5G, the next-generation network is already in motion.  

If the trend follows, we’ll be seeing 6G within a decade, so expect it around 2029, of course, this is just speculation and no official plans have been announced. With the speeds significantly increased on 5G, this begs the question, how much quicker does it need to be to make a difference in someone's life? We can see via the 5G infographic that download time has reduced from hours to seconds, so the next step seems a little less dramatic. The consumer will require another selling point to create demand for a new generation of internet connection.  

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