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What to consider when going hybrid

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working Stories: Man's Best Friend?

Homeworking has been a blessing and a lifesaver for many businesses. The hybrid approach we have at Chess helps improve our people's productivity, work-life balance and morale. It also helps to reduce business operational costs.

However, in this new world of homeworking, joining a Teams Meeting, knowing you have a rogue child or animal in the house can be especially risky. Here are some funny homeworking stories from our own people and tips you can learn how to avoid disaster calls.


Man's best friend?

The loyalty of a dog is unmatched. However, the household pooch probably doesn't understand you have an important call.

Richard Metcalfe, Business Sales Executive, houses three wonderful hounds (Left to right, Poppy, Comet and Holly), but have a grudge against the local postman…

"These three stooges are remarkably well behaved when I'm working from home... Well, that's until there is a parcel delivery and they want to rip the door off its hinges, regardless of whether I'm on a call or not. It does make customers laugh, though, which is always fun 😊"


Microsoft Teams Voice

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Tech Tip:
If you want to avoid your dog joining the Teams meeting, hit the "spacebar" while in a call. This will automatically mute you, so you can go deal with the troublesome tail-wagger. 

Next, we have Kayleigh Tompsett, Business Sales Team Leader, and her little pup who decided to snatch her son's teddy. Our dear pup doesn't know how to play nice, and what Kayleigh came home to can only be described as a crime scene from Dexter (Pictured below).


Microsoft Teams Voice

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Tech Tip:
If you are looking to hide the teddy crime scene behind you, you can change your Teams background. You can do this while in calls or in your Teams settings. You can choose from a variety of Microsoft backgrounds or import your own.



Finally, we have a live demonstration from Grant Thain, Vendor Alliance Manager. In one of our most recent webinars, he was put on the spot as his loyal dog companion decided to say hi to the postman. Ever the professional, Grant quickly dealt with the ordeal and presented a fantastic webinar - well done, Grant!





Noise Cancelling Devices

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Tech Tip:
A good way to plan ahead is to buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, a one-off purchase that can ensure that only you can be heard. 

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