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Game-changing Cloud Voice Functionalities

Megan Yates, Head of Business Sales at Chess, discusses the top ten features of cloud voice that can be game-changing for small businesses. 

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If you’ve made your move to Cloud Voice, or are looking for your hosted solution to transform your organisation into being Future Fit, there is a wealth of information out there about what you can achieve with your Cloud Voice system.

We have put together what we view as the functionality that is going to elevate your success and help your business fly. Our top ten game-changing cloud voice functionalities focuses on the features that will benefit your business most, specifically with your SME priorities in mind.

Softphones to protect your brand

The ability to make and receive phone calls from multiple devices has been well utilised by many organisations and is a very popular feature. One benefit of the softphone application is not only its flexibility but the security of knowing your clients will always see your business number when they’re called. This removes the risk of missing calls and ensures your brand is recognisable rather than the negative view of a mobile number.

Not just your average voicemail

Voicemail services have been around since telephony began (almost), but this new voicemail experience gives you real-time access wherever you are. That may be through your softphone or the handy Voicemail to Email service that Cloud Voice brings. With every voicemail attached to an email of your choice, being tied to a handset to listen to the messages is no longer a thing! Bringing you efficiency and flexibility with the simplest of features.

Personalise everything

With no effort at all, you can significantly customise your caller’s experience. Start with your incoming message as the first thing they hear, to the hold music and messaging. This can all be customised and tailored by your own recorded messages or chosen audio – talk about free marketing!

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Click to dial, instant CRM access

CRM Integration is a feature created with the sole purpose of saving you time and money. This benefit is becoming increasingly popular and is a must-have. For a more in-depth read, please see my blog outlining all the possibilities here.

Forward your calls wherever you want

Cloud Voice allows you to forward calls from your office phone to another number, such as your mobile, ensuring that you never miss a call. Additionally, you can set up rules so that only certain calls are forwarded, or all calls are forwarded during specific hours of the day. This flexibility means that you can always have access to your customers' calls no matter where you are.

No more nuisance calls

This one speaks for itself! Not only will free nuisance call blocking save you time, but it will also ensure that your call handlers are always speaking to someone valuable to your business.

Driving Visibility and Flexibility in Hybrid Work

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Call Queues

If voicemails are not the way you want to handle your organisation's contact strategy, intelligent call queues will let your customers wait and play them comfort messages and announcements whilst they do. This brings an elevated business presence to your telephony and portrays a professional brand to your customers.

Free call stats

Unlike other systems, Cloud Voice will give you call stats at no extra cost, so you can benefit from seeing:

  • Peak call times
  • Ratio of missed calls
  • Downloadable list of all calls

If you’re interested in a deeper dive into your statistics and would benefit from features like an Unreturned Call dashboard or a per person real-time report, book a consultation today to see a live demonstration of the reporting software value-added service.

Hunt Groups

Separate your sales and service calls by creating hunt groups, removing the need to constantly transfer between them. Control if all the users ring at once, or round robin, and even create a group voicemail to ensure the right customers are going to the right place every single time.

Call Recording

Unlike your legacy call recording systems, Cloud Voice has a slick new portal that will easily allow you to listen to and download calls without any faff. Are you afraid of the old storage fees for mounting recordings? Well, have no fear... we’ve ditched them! This is a per-user charge with not a single storage cost in sight. So, you can ensure your employees are delivering quality over the phone without the hefty price tag!

Let us help you fly through your cloud voice journey. If you have any questions on how we can help smooth your transition to cloud voice, or how to make the most of cloud voice functionalities, please get in touch with our team.


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