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Consumer Terms and Conditions

These changes apply to Consumer customers only.  A Consumer is natural person who contracts with Chess for services for their own personal use and so not for use for their trade, business or profession.  Ofcom has changed the defined term it uses to describe these customers from “Domestic” to “Consumer” within its General Conditions of Entitlement. These customers are also sometimes referred to in our industry as “Residential”.

The terms and conditions which apply to contracts for services provided to Consumers are now contained in separate document and distinct from the terms and conditions applicable to services we provide to businesses.   The structure of our terms and conditions remains the same but as above they are contained in the one document. The Consumer Terms and Conditions apply whatever services you procure from Chess.  Schedule 3.1 (Voice Services) and Schedule 3.2 (Internet Services) then apply where these services are being provided to you. These terms and conditions can be found on our website HERE.

For existing Consumer contracts these changes will take effect 1 month from notice of these changes and so on 22nd January 2022. For Consumer contracts entered after this date they will take effect from the date that contract is entered.

We have also made several changes with a view to simplifying the terms and conditions and ensuring that they are relevant and appropriate for Consumers.  A number of clauses have been removed from the Terms and Conditions and Schedules as they are not applicable for products and services we offer to our Consumer customers. We also added clarity around rights of Consumers to improve transparency and ensure that Consumer customers can better ascertain what applies to them.  These changes are all to benefit of our Consumer customers.

We have amended clause 2.1 of the Consumer Terms and Conditions so that the default Minimum Term (which applies where a Minimum Term is not stated on the Order) is now 12 months. These changes are all to benefit of our Consumer customers.

We have simplified the calculation of Termination Charges which will have the effect of enabling Consumers to calculate what Termination Charges may apply by reference to a Charge Per Month which can be found on a Tariff Guide available on our website.   That also has the effect of reducing a Consumers potential liability Chess for Termination Charges if they terminate their contract or move services to another service provider within a Minimum Term.   We have done that by making changes to the definition of Termination Charges in Schedule 3.1 and Schedule 3.2. These changes are to benefit of our Consumer customers.

We have also introduced a clause which sets out when Chess may increase the Charges as stated in the Order, and by what amount.  We have introduced that at 6.10 in the Consumer Terms and Conditions giving you certainty as to how your prices may change during the term of your contract. It allows Chess to increase your prices each calendar year by giving you notice.  The increase is calculated to the nearest whole pence and calculated by multiplying your existing Charges by i) the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) rate figure published by the ONS in January of that year (ignoring negative figures), plus 3.9%.  If a Consumer considers this change is likely to cause them material detriment they may end your contract for the effected services (including where in a Minimum Term) immediately by giving us notice within 30 days of receipt of this notice.

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