It's the beginning of the long school break - so it's also the countdown to a new academic term and the whole new set of challenges awaiting schools' IT professionals.

From ensuring student data is secure to facilitating classroom technology, helping teaching and support staff keep up to date with new platforms and apps, to the deployment and maintenance of a multitude of devices and applications, the role of IT in education is pivotal.

2020 brings with it a fresh new challenge - the imminent demise of Windows 7 Support. Although there are a range of options, sitting tight and doing nothing is no longer a viable plan.

Migrating to Windows 10 is a possibility on certain devices, but in most cases, it's legacy hardware that's been running Windows 7 - hardware that has also finally reached the end of the road.

The capital outlay needed for a large scale refresh has been a significant stumbling block. However, there is now an affordable, manageable option - leasing.

Why Lease?


Know exactly how much you'll be spending each year, with regular, predictable, set payments. Costs are spread and budget remains available for other key projects.


Disposing of out of date, obsolete equipment is not straightforward. Leased devices are simply returned at the end of the term, and data is securely erased.


Providing the tech students need plays a key role in maintaining the reputation of a school or college. Leased equipment is refreshed on a regular basis, helping drive successful learning outcomes.

Chess's specialist schools service can offer laptops and pcs at exclusive education rates, on 36 month terms. Devices are returned at the end of the lease, in compliance with The Department For Education Leasing Guidance.

Example prices (Jul 2019) include:

ProBook 430 i3, 8Gb & Carepack from £11.94 per month*

ProBook 450 i3, 8 Gb & Carepack from £13.33 per month*

ProBook 450 i5. 8Gb & Carepack from £14.80 per month*

 *Based on 36 month term

To find out more about education device leasing, migration to Windows 10 or Windows 7 end of support, speak to a Schools Leasing Specialist on 0808 2739 736, or email us for more information.