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iBill helps fast track success for a new start up

MT Voice and Data






iBill, Cloud PBX, Data Connections, Fibre Connections, Leased Lines

MT Voice and Data offer a wide range of voice and data solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

MT was founded less than a year ago by co-founder and director Tom Cremore, who has years of experience working in the telecommunications sector.

Leaving their current job roles, Tom and his partner set out to establish their own small business. However, as many are aware, starting up a new company is always challenging, and MT Voice and Data knew that more than anyone. So, after struggling with various other vendors and contacts, they got in touch with Chess.

The Challenge

Last year, the MT Voice and Data team started their small business, providing voice and data solutions to various companies.

Familiar with key people in the telecoms sector, MT Voice and Data set up meetings with suppliers to see if they could sell their products and services.

After multiple meetings, MT Voice and Data realised that, although they knew many channel suppliers, the criteria for entry was too high to support small start-ups like MT.

Frustrated and searching for a solution, they were recommended Chess by a friend to set up their billing platform.

The Solution

After various discussions with Chess’s partner team, MT signed up for the iBill platform and found out they could sell Chess products and services to their customers. This was a relief for the small business as now they had an entry into the market.

Tom from MT commented on how simple to use the iBill platform was and how easy it was to get in touch with the Chess team if they had any queries.

Tom continued to praise how iBill enabled them to do what they do best. Knowing they had a professional and sophisticated platform for their customers to use while keeping the MT Voice and Data branding on the invoices.

MT's customers provided feedback on the platform, saying how the portal was ideal when viewing their invoices.

The Result

Since partnering with Chess, MT Voice and Data have come from billing nothing to billing consecutively every month. Their customers are impressed with the ease and professionalism of the iBill portal. Since their implementation, MT Voice and Data have been building their brand and clientele day on day.

Co-founder Tom concluded with how impressed with Chess he was and how the growth of MT Voice and Data wouldn’t have been possible without Chess’ assistance.

"I would absolutely recommend Chess’s iBill billing platform and wholesale services to anyone who was looking to get off the ground or equally those looking to move into being their own business. Having Chess working away in the background allows me to attend meetings, confident that any issues involving billing or products are being dealt with.”

- Tom Cremore, Co-founder, MT Voice and Data