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Cloud PBX  

Cloud Voice designed to help reduce your costs and future-proof your business.

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How much you can save with cloud telephony 90% on international calls 75% on operational costs 30% on your phone bill

Time to switch to cloud? 

BT has announced it will switch off its Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) by 2025, starting the process in 2020. ISDN is used by over one million UK businesses.  

Unless you’re using a cloud-based solution such as VoIP or SIP it’s likely you are operating via ISDN. Future proofing your organisation is no longer an option, but a necessity. 

With Cloud PBX you can route incoming calls to the right person, team or department - no call goes unanswered and no sales opportunities are missed. 

What is Cloud PBX? 

A virtual PBX — also known as Hosted Voice or Cloud PBX — will only run internal calls through the Internet, so companies that don’t make a lot of external calls find them attractive. For businesses that only need to use a few calling features like voicemail and hold music, a Cloud PBX phone system may be the best solution. 

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Cloud PBX is ideally suited to organisations meeting one of the following criteria: 

Experiencing Growth
Employing Remote or Home Workers
Running Sales or Customer Support Services
Looking to reduce telephone costs or staff travel
Wanting to Improve Frictionless Communications
Wanting to Boost Productivity and Improve ROI

Why Cloud PBX

No more costly communication tools 

Using a unified communications tool such as Cloud PBX allows you reduce your costs. Costs are fixed per user per month, so if you’re planning a new venture or campaign that requires additional people, you will know exactly how much your communications costs will be. With Cloud telephony, the ability to add and remove users on a regular basis means you only pay for what you need. 

No restrictions for home/ remote workers 

With Hosted Voice, your people can work from anywhere, any time. Mobile workers with the app can be connected on their extension with all calls routed through the Internet. This not only provides flexibility but also significant cost savings and productivity. The global expansion of Cloud telephony enables co-workers, suppliers and customers to communicate over one system at low cost. 

Cloud PBX Options

Cloud PBX Lite 

Cloud PBX Lite includes a web-based softphone (no application installation required). Works on any device from anywhere in the world, including the mobile app designed to make business communication professional and hassle-free

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Cloud PBX 

The benefits of a reliable, feature-rich PBX solution has been a key success driver for many larger enterprises. PBX was simply not an affordable or manageable business investment for growing firms, until now.

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Teams Voice 

Integrated into Microsoft’s Teams platform, Chess Teams Voice combines Chess Cloud PBX and Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration applications into a single, flexible solution.

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Pricing and Call Bundles


Cloud PBX

Full Cloud PBX Solution


Cloud PBX Lite

Set Up Fee


Online Video Training Course


Cloud PBX Premium Licence plus Basic End User Support


500 minute UK Local National


500 minute UK Mobile Call Bundle


Microsoft Teams Voice

Office 365 Tenant Configuration Per Customer/Domain


Setup per User


Chess Cloud PBX – Teams Integration Licence

(per user per month) £1.50

*If your Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider is already Chess, we do not charge the standard £50 Office 365 Tenant Configuration (per customer/ domain) or the £1 setup charge (per user). Switching is easy and requires no internal resource. For more information about switching your Microsoft licencing to Chess please contact us on 0800 688 8858 or speak to your Account Manager. 

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