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Future Insight Technology

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Q&A Panels

Home, Office, Hybrid? Work better together

Join experts from Microsoft, Cisco, EE and change leaders, who will discuss the modern workplace and the future of work. The panel will answer questions from the audience so make sure you submit yours in advance.


Frightening Future & Cybersecurity

Gavin Wood, CTO at Chess, sits down with some of the biggest names in the security industry to discuss how companies can protect their data and secure their business. The panel will answer questions from the audience so make sure you submit yours in advance.



Live Hack 10 Minutes to Disaster

Discover your vulnerabilities before the hackers do. Join one of our penetration testers (ethical hackers) who will show how they can compromise a business within 10 minutes:

  • Test an organisation's Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • Bypass Multifactor Authentication protection
  • Compromise Azure Active Directory


Trust No One! Protect Your Data

The modern workplace requires new security models. Many businesses begin to adopt a Zero Trust framework to protect their data in a hybrid environment where people work from anywhere. We cover:

  • Strategies to protect your data and minimise risk
  • What is Zero Trust: Survival Strategy or New Buzz Word?
  • What does your security journey look like: the three stages


The Future's Fibre

The way you make calls and connect to the internet will soon change. With over a million businesses still relying on PSTN which is being switched off, you need to consider your options. We will cover:

  • What are your options: Ultrafast v Superfast Fibre
  • How are they different
  • How do they benefit your organisation


Keep the Bad Guys Out

Malicious agents are becoming more proficient. Ransoms rise as attacks increase. Just in the last year 1 in 5 organisations reported to have fallen a victim of a ransomware attack. We cover:

  • Cybersecurity trends and what’s the new bare minimum
  • How to minimise risk among remote workers
  • How to protect your business and keep the bad guys out of your network