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Greater reliance on emails poses new security threats.
“88% of Microsoft 365 users think their companies need additional email security” 

Mimecast - The State of Email Security 

Watch this webinar with our speakers Max Linscott, Principal Manager for Market Strategy at Mimecast, and Dan Cooper, Security Consultant at Chess to learn why your email needs additional security and how to best protect against threats.

We cover: 

  • Email security risks in Office 365 
  • How to best protect against threats 
  • How you can be cyber resilient

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Dan Cooper, Security Consultant, Chess

Dan has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He consults Chess’ largest customers from both the public and private sector. He has experience in working towards and within ISO 27001 and PCI DSS environments, achieving high levels of compliance and security. 


Max Linscott, Principal Manager, Market Strategy, Mimecast  

Max has worked in security for 9 years with organisations of all shapes and sizes. Today Max analyses the threat landscape and the market, consulting with Mimecast to ensure solutions remain competitive, innovative and address the risks enterprises face every day. 




M365 Product Page

Microsoft 365 is the integrated solution that brings together the  productivity of Office 365 with the security of Windows 10.

Your Security Questions Answered

Your Security Questions Answered

Dan Cooper, Security Consultant at Chess, answers three key questions every small to medium-sized business asks themselves about protecting their data.