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In this article Paul Gibbons, Cloud Services Sales Manager at Chess covers:  

Supply Chain

With a steep rise in supply chain cyberattacks, businesses are growing more and more concerned at how they can secure their infrastructure and ensure their data, systems and networks aren’t compromised.  

However, supply chains are complex and the alliances with other businesses may make your business vulnerable. With a supply chain that’s harder to control and supply chain management constantly evolving, it can be a challenge to businesses. Although, with significant technology advancements there are many challenges which can be solved in today’s new world.    


The rise of supply chain attacks 

In December 2020, news of a cyberattack on IT monitoring company SolarWinds pushed supply chain security attacks into the spotlight. Worryingly, since then it’s been reported that supply chain attacks rose by 42% in the first quarter of 2021. 

Other high-profile cases, such as the attacks on IT provider Accellion’s File Transfer Appliance, impacted a multitude of businesses. One business affected was Shell, stating in March 2021 that it had launched an investigation into the breach, which it said had shown that “an unauthorised party gained access to various files… some contained personal data and others included data from Shell companies and some of their stakeholders”.   

With a sharp rise in supply chain attacks and remote working looking to increase vulnerabilities, businesses need to understand how to better protect themselves from such breaches.  


Minimizing the Risk of Supply Chain Attacks: Best Practice Guidelines 

What is a supply chain attack, and how do they work? More importantly: what can you do to protect your business from the impact of a supply chain attack? 

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Supply chain evolution

The new world consumer expectation to receive same and next day deliveries has put a different kind of pressure on businesses. This level of demand has led the supply chain to rapidly evolve from purely functional to an interconnected network of data and processes.  

Businesses are having to find ways to transform their supply chains to meet modern customer demands. Various cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain and automation are being integrated into the supply chain to meet demand and provide a seamless transition down the chain. 

However, with this evolution comes new challenges for businesses such as quality and accuracy, as well as compliance and security risks. 


Solutions to help your supply chain run smoothly 

There are a wide variety of solutions for each stage in your supply chain, but ensuring these solutions work together to optimise and secure your supply chain as a whole, is key.  

Key products that intertwine and help form an overall solution to running your supply chain smoothly are: Sage, Managed Security Support and M365 Power Platform 

How do these products link? 

Sage can automate processes and facilitate your people to work from anywhere safely and securely. Teaming this with Managed Security Support, bridges any skills gaps within your organisation. Combined they allow you to meet compliance regulations required by larger organisations in your supply chain and grow your customer base.  

M365 Power Platform allows you to automate the whole picture, ensuring you can adapt quickly and scale. With Power Automate you can automate workflows across your Microsoft services and third-party applications, saving time, whilst also taking reducing human error and streamlining processes. 


To learn more about how these products work together and how they can help your supply chain, contact one of our experts for advice today.


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Paul Gibbons

Paul Gibbons

Paul is an experienced telecoms & IT professional. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in legacy and emerging technologies, including Cloud Services, Software, Hardware and Networking.

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