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Malware, Worms and Ransomware #BeCyberSmart

This week we're talking about Malware, Ransomware and Worms and there's some really fascinating information covered, even for the most technical of us.

Whether you own a smart fridge, the latest laptop or you run a multi million pound business none of us can afford to ignore the threat of a virus attacking our systems. Find out why.

Service Update - 21 October

Hello Many of us are now in a tier 2 or 3 region and this may be placing extra pressures on your business, so if you need help please use your online ...

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Billing Top 5

Do you have a question about your bill?  Save time on the phone and check out our Top 5 Billing Frequently asked Questions and Answers.

Denial of Service Tutorials


Customer Service Week 2020

It’s National Customer Service Week, and at Chess that’s a big deal.   2020 has been a challenging year for all. Our people and our customers have ha ...

Emma Stott, Customer Services Director

Customer Portal - Administrator Tips

Thank you for visiting our Portal Administrator Tips. We'll be adding to these regularly, so please do keep checking back.

Customer Portal - New Features

Our customers asked us to make their online experience even better and we've listened. 

Helping You Work from Home

Disappointing as this week's government announcement was,  further tightening of restrictions, and the impact on office working was always a possibility as winter approached.

Here are some of the products we have that are aimed at making working from home easier.

The People Side of Change

Adapting to a new normal and getting the most out of your investment in systems and people are big discussion points in the current climate, especially if, like us, you are likely to have people working remotely for the foreseeable future.

Group of people capturing ideas in a workshop

Capturing Requirements in a Virtual Workshop

Until March this year, the assumption was that we could meet in person with a client or project partner several times to move through the requirements definition process.

As it turns out, the process of developing a new digital approach which utilises a combination of existing and emerging tools has evolved like a project in itself.

These are our tips. 

What is Cloud PBX? [We Debunk the Jargon and Provide Answers]

What is Cloud PBX? [We Debunk the Jargon and Provide Answers]

Cloud PBX can be difficult to get a handle of. Let us help you understand what Cloud PBX is, the benefits to your business - and decipher Cloud PBX with some jargon busting!

Managed Security Services: What you need to know

Managed Security Services: What you need to know

This blog looks at the current challenges businesses are facing and how Managed security services can ensure your data is protected while also reducing your IT spending. 

Successfully Engaging Your People - 5 Tips

Successfully Engaging Your People - 5 Tips

Back in May I wrote 10 top tips to keep your remote people engaged. Given that remote working seems to be set to stay, I thought in this article I would focus on our employee engagement tool, Engage, available to Chess customers, and how this can help you with remote working.

Chess Delivering Cybersecurity Collaboration

Chess Delivering Cybersecurity Collaboration

Did you miss SecureTour or want to refresh your memory? Watch the technical demonstration from SecureTour, now available online.

Microsoft Teams & Chess Cloud PBX Integration Webinar

Protecting your business by securing endpoint devices

In this webinar, Oliver Lofthouse and Martin Bacon take us through the bra new Microsft Teams and PBX integration and how Chess can help you with this feature for your business.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6 Unboxed

This week the team at The Hive have been taking a look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

If you need to operate your business on the move, then this could be the device for you. It's light and can handle those day to day tasks. So the question is, is it Surface Pro or Surface No?

#2 Your Cyber Security

#2 Your Cybersecurity

If you are allowing devices to connect from people’s houses – it's possible that these networks have already been compromised by hackers or will be in the future. Implementing two-factor authentication, where another device like a mobile phone is used for extra security is the most important security measure that can be applied to systems.

Stay One Step Ahead - Telephony is Changing

What's your plan for the Openreach PSTN switch off? This starts in 2023 and concludes in 2025 - it will have a significant impact on all our businesses. 

Five Key Benefits of Cloud PBX

One of our most successful products this year is Cloud PBX. This is a business grade phone system accessed completely through the internet so you can make and receive calls anywhere. 

In this week's top tips, we're sharing 5 key benefits of our Cloud PBX platform which have helped our customers manage the challenges of running their business remotely.

Accessibility Compliance

A relaxed approach to accessibility compliance could be an expensive oversight

With the virtual world an extension of the physical, accessibility has often been treated with the same consideration – as an afterthought. It's time for change.