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Almost caught out!

Almost caught out!

Jack Smallpage, Information Security Officer at Chess, tells the story of a recent Business Email Compromise (BEC) incident which almost cost us €60k.

The Consultants View on Adoption Change Management

Learn Why Projects Fail:  How a Law Firm Reduced Their Communication Costs

Megan Yates, Business Sales Team Leader at Chess, looks at her recent experience as an Adoption and Change Management Consultant at a large law firm who chose Chess to help them connect their people with a new communications solution.

Cloud Communications – Make the Right Choice

Martin Bacon, Consultants Team Leader and Unified Communications Expert at Chess, reviews the differences and benefits of Cloud Voice and Teams Voice.



The 2025 PSTN and ISDN Switch Off - It's a big problem! Here's what to do.

What is Pegasus Spyware and how does it hack your phone

Pegasus Spyware

Gavin Wood, CTO at Chess, summarises in a 3 minute read what Pegasus Spyware is and how it can hack your phone.

Sage for Education

Education: Reduce Your Costs, Automate Your Processes

Gilbert McHarg, Sage Consultant at Chess, explains what you need to consider when moving to a new finance system.

Vulnerability Assessment versus Penetration Test

Gavin Wood, CTO at Chess, explains the difference between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and their applications.

The Most Popular Sessions from Future Insight Technology

We brought together more than ten technology partners, leaders in the industry, and over 25 expert speakers, to share knowledge and advice with customers. All 52 sessions were delivered live during the two days, but don’t worry – you can still catch up on-demand here.

Your communications strategy – chat, call, collaborate

Your communications strategy – chat, call, collaborate

Martin Bacon, Consultants Team Leader and Unified Communications expert, explains what you need to consider when creating your communications plan.

Broadband Protect: The Connectivity Service You Need

Don't Waste Time on Broken Broadband

There are few things worse than having a busy day ahead of you only to find you cannot connect to the internet. To help out, we have launched Broadband Protect. With Broadband Protect you can work securely anytime, anywhere. Here’s how...

Mobile Incentive Terms and Conditions

We have updated the incentives we offer in relation to network mobile services and as such we have made changes to Schedule 3.5B which contains the ap ...

Celebrating Customer Service Week 2021

It’s National Customer Service Week, and at Chess that’s a big deal.   2021 has been a challenging year for all. We’ve all had to respond to many une ...

Adapting creative teaching online

In this article, we talk to Dr Iain Reid, PGT Programme Coordinator & Service Design Lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art. We discuss the challenges students face and how digital tools are used to support learning, collaboration, and creative development. 

Prevention v Cure: Introduction to Pen Testing

Gavin Wood, CTO at Chess, explains what penetration testing is and why diagnosing vulnerabilities earlier can save you money. 

Manage Remote Networks

Tim Headicar, Technical Architects Team Leader at Chess, reviews how you can provide your people with secure remote access to your network using Cisco Meraki. 

5 Minute Recap of the Apple Event

What Apple announced in September 2021 and what we think about the technology

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Week at Chess

Anne Binnie, People Support Director at Chess, summarises how we celebrates Diversity, Equality and Inclusion week and how we will ensure we continue to improve as an organisation.

Microsoft awards Chess with Advanced Teamwork Deployment Specialisation

Chess has been awarded Microsoft’s Advanced Specialization status for Teamwork Deployment.

Top 3 tips for working securely from anywhere

Top 3 tips for working securely from anywhere

Covid-19 has changed the world for good and reinforced something we already knew – that being there for your customers is vital. So here are our top 3 tips for keeping in touch.

Hybrid Work According to our People

Hybrid Work According to our People

Tim Wilkinson-Hall, Head of Knowledge and Culture at Chess, shares the key learnings from the ‘home first’ survey we undertook in the company.