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Chess Community Webkit

Chess Community WebKit has replaced BT Community Webkit 

BT Community Webkit closed on 24th May 2021, but it doesn't need to end there. 

Chess is offering you, as an existing customer of the service, the option to pay a small monthly fee to retain each of your sites

Contact our team to register your interest or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions here


 Keeping your website ad-free

Chess can offer a continued level of hosting and maintenance - ensuring continuity of your website, completely ad-free.

We appreciate that there are many other third-party options, some of which are freely available. However, these free services are subsidised through advertising revenue which covers the costs incurred in hosting and maintaining the site. If you choose to transfer to Chess, we won’t put adverts on your website.


 Register your interest 

We have added a banner across the top of the admin site after you've logged in allowing you to register your interest. We've also added options into the "Manage your sites" page so you can specify each individual site's redirection URL.

Plus, you will not be limited just to the websites you already have as we'll enable a new user-registration and website creation.

 Redirecting your website

If you'd like to take your site elsewhere, that's fine. For every website you administrate, we'll allow you to specify a redirect URL so from the end of May any visitors to your site will be redirected to a new website of your choice. Putting this redirect in place is important so you can maintain your SEO/ Google ranking. 

If you don't want visitors redirected after May (or don't provide a redirect page) your website visitors will begin seeing "This site has now been closed" page for the next year.

If you have any questions, please raise them via the BT CK ticketdesk platform, you can access this using this link.



£5(ex VAT)

per website per month*


+ £10 (ex VAT)

per website per month, giving you access to our ticket-based support system*

*Minimum 12-month agreement. T&C's apply

FAQ's: Chess Community Web Kit Switchover

Our basic subscription plan costs £5 per month, per website. This subscription includes:

  • Website hosting
  • A website address
  • The choice of nine designs and five or fifteen colour themes depending on the template selected
  • Enough space for unlimited pages and up to 250 pictures
  • Templates and colour options for all your content
  • An easy-to-use Page Editor or an HTML Editor if you’re technically minded

For an extra £10 per month per website, technical support can be added to your subscription, giving you access to our ticket-based support system to raise enquiries and receive assistance from our team.

The tools and features you may already be familiar with will remain the same to ensure you can administrate your websites without interruption or the need to learn about new features.


Yes! The URL will remain until 28 February 2022. 

Any newly registered sites will use a new Chess based domain.

Existing sites will be accessible via the new domain (and old domain until 28th February 2022).

- The top level domain will change from the BT address to  for example

- You can now use your new address and you should update any links on both internal and external sites, including any documents that may include your link address.

The BTCK home website will be rebranded and brought in line stylistically with our Chess brand.

The layout of the main site will remain largely the same as it currently is to ensure a seamless experience.

The User Guide will also be updated to ensure all information is current and relevant.

Of course, we will reinstate the ability for you to create new websites as of May 31st, with each site subject to the subscription fee.

Redirection can currently be specified from the ‘Settings’ page within ‘My Websites’ and will remain active until at least the 31st of May, after which you will need to have an active subscription to set up redirections.

  • New templates
  • Mobile-friendly and device-agnostic improvements
  • Overhauled admin interface
  • Improved website builder
  • Drastically improved page loading times

Once you have opted to continue with us, you will have access to our web-based customer portal in which you can:

  • Pay your invoices
  • Manage support queries
  • Suspend your account
  • Upgrade your account

If you manage multiple websites, please be aware that you will need to set up one account with us for each company that needs to be invoiced - we'll issue one invoice per billing period per account you have created.

You’ll continue to administer your websites via the current admin site – nothing will change here (aside from feature improvements, of course).


The support pack at £10 per month (exc VAT) includes a range of great features, including

  • Assistance with editing your website, including changing content on and/or layout of your pages, defining and modifying navigation
  • Help with setting up and configuring domain forwarding if you own an external domain and want to forward traffic to your Community Webkit site
  • Fixing issues with your site/s, and bug reporting and resolution
  • Assistance with administration transfers, or changes of site ownership
  • General queries and advice on website creation
  • Assistance with our site downloader feature allowing you to capture an archive of your site
  • Change of names / contact details or data that you can't change via the User Interface

All you need to do is get in touch to transfer your service by sending us an email to or call the Chess Community Kit team on 0330 159 8021.

Speak to a Product Specialist

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To contact our Sales team directly, please call 0344 770 6000 and choose option 4.
Customer Service
For general queries or to report a non-urgent fault, please log a ticket on our customer portal using the email address associated with your account. Logging a ticket is quick and easy to do. Once you have logged your ticket, we will respond within 24 hours or your Service Level Agreement, whichever is quicker.
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