If you are a customer of Chess ICT (Burnley) Limited, the General Conditions referred to above together with the product and service specific terms contained with Schedules 3 and 4 will replace the existing contract terms with effect from 3 August 2020. For example, if you have an existing IT support contract with Chess ICT Burnley Limited the General Conditions and Schedule 4.4 Managed Support Services will replace your existing terms and conditions. In addition, we have released Schedule 3.9 Data Protection for Microsoft 365 and Schedule 4.5 Professional Support Incident Packs, which relates to products and services which we have recently added to our ICT managed support services offering.

The updated terms and conditions referred to above will apply to Chess’ existing customer contracts with effect from 3 August 2020 and can be found HERE. For contracts entered into from the date of this notification, the updated terms and conditions will apply from the date of that contract.