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Actionable Intelligence with SIEM and UEBA

At the heart of any digital transformation is the harness of data to continually improve customer outcomes and operational excellence.

However, how can organisations be digitally innovative whilst keeping data safe, ensuring it is compliant and enabling the exploitation of data efficiency?


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The SMB Journey to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud is becoming a solution for all SMBs today as flexible working becomes more popular. 

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Detox Your Data

As we plunge into 2019, the world of technology is becoming more advanced. We’ve come up with the top 6 ways to protect and move your business forward in 2019. 

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Business Connectivity — The Ultimate Guide

Make the right decision on the connectivity that underpins your processes, supports your people and keeps your customers coming back is key to business success. 

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Sophos Intercept X with EDR Review

This On Demand webinar explores in depth

  • The current and emerging threat landscape
  • Sophos Intercept x + EDR features and capability


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Protecting Windows 10 Within The NHS

Following the Microsoft EA announcement, it’s now more important than ever to adopt a multi-layered approach to protect your Trust.


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Chess ICT "Think IT" Framework Award

E2BN Think IT, the EU Tendered, ICT procurement framework has further improved the range of expertise available to schools, local authorities and public sector organisations, with the addition of Chess ICT.

The Truth About the Atlanta Ransomware Attack

Two hackers arrested for the SamSam campaign that caused the Atlanta government IT infrastructure to shut down. A hack that ultimately cost the city $17 million. 

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All Your Questions – Answered!

We spoke to Rob Kittler, Chess Partner’s Head of Airtime Sales, about the questions that are most frequently asked by our Airtime Partners.

£350,000 Fine Dished out for ‘Uber’ UK Data Breach

2.7 million customers and people are affected by Uber's UK data hack. Human error causes costly mistake for the taxi firm, who have been fined £350,000 by the ICO.

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Six Top Tips to Improve Your Cloud PBX Sales

If you are not growing, we are not growing. Read our top tips on how to grow your Hosted VoIP sales. 

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Get your business in shape in 2019

Optimise Your Systems and Increase Profits with our Revenue Assurance Service.