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Modernising IT Services to boost collaboration, efficiency, and client satisfaction

CSH Transport






Managed Services, Microsoft 365, Assure, Devices, Cyber Security

Committed to providing exceptional service and communication in transporting a wide variety of goods, CSH Transport and Forwarding specialises in offering safe and reliable logistics solutions, particularly for hazardous chemicals.  With excellence and client satisfaction at the heart of their organisation, CSH Transport needed robust and reliable IT infrastructure to ensure seamless operations and maintain strong communication with their customers. 

The Challenge 

CSH Transport were facing significant operational challenges due to their outdated IT infrastructure. They required a solution that would enable them to move away from their in-house server setup and over to a cloud-based set up to modernise their operations.  

With their existing system, the senior team at CSH Transport spent a significant amount of time resolving IT problems, diverting their focus away from core business activities, therefore they needed a partner who could provide proactive support to manage their IT services, with solutions that met their business needs. 

The Solution

To ensure a thorough understanding of the organisation’s needs, Chess worked closely with the team at CSH Transport to conduct a comprehensive appraisal of the business requirements and complete an IT overhaul for the company.  

Recognising the need to replace their outdated on-premises server, Chess recommended a cloud-based solution. This solution included Microsoft Azure, Ultrafast Fibre, and Microsoft 365, which collectively streamlined operations and relieved the company from the burden of day-to-day management of their services. Additionally, this setup facilitated the integration with essential third-party booking apps for the company, further optimising their operations. 

A critical requirement for the company, was to eliminate the need for internal IT management. To address this, Chess provided active and managed support, along with second and third-tier assistance, ensuring that any service issues were promptly identified and resolved, minimising the impact on the business.  

To support CSH Transport's goal of enhancing efficiency across the business, Chess supplied a range of devices including laptops, PCs, monitors, and tablets. This equipment ensured that the team had access to the necessary tools to boost productivity. The provision of tablets was particularly beneficial for drivers, to enable them to access cloud-based services on the move, including Microsoft Teams and Office 365, improving the flow of communication for the company.  

Furthermore, Chess significantly enhanced CSH Transport's cyber security measures, meeting essential legal requirements and ensuring robust protection across the business 

Since the move to cloud based with Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and third-party booking apps, it’s got rid of any blockages in our systems. You get a better workflow and much happier staff, removing the frustration by having systems that work effectively.

The active and managed support provided by Chess has made our lives very easy and fluid so we’re able to focus on the business rather than the IT.

We have business support with chess which again is exceptional.  The team at Chess are very good at putting technical aspects of support into simple terms that our employees can understand.

Chris Haworth, Co-Founder, CSH Transport and Forwarding  

The Result

With Chess now overseeing their IT, the company has experienced significant improvements in service continuity, providing them with the assurance that their business will face minimal disruption. This has meant that the business can maintain continuous operations, leading to increased productivity across the team and stronger connectivity with clients.  

By transitioning to cloud-based solutions, CSH Transport has been able to improve efficiency across their business. The team can now access core business services away from the office, which has had a significant impact on company collaboration. This has also enabled the business to scale their services to adapt quickly to changes within the business. 

The solutions provided by Chess has enabled the company to simplify their IT infrastructure and eliminate the need for historic programmes. As a result, the team are happier and more productive as they can rely on services that work seamlessly without issues.   

Leadership at CSH Transport have also greatly benefited from the partnership with Chess as they now have the assurance that system errors or outages will be handled promptly and efficiently by Chess, allowing them to focus on strategic business activities rather than IT concerns. 

To ensure the business can get the most out of their solutions, Chess’s commitment to using simple, clear language has made a significant difference for the business as they have a better understanding of their services and how to utilise them to increase productivity across different areas of the business.  This clarity has created better communication and understanding for CSH Transport, enhancing the overall success of the partnership.

We have a very positive experience with Chess and has enabled us as a company and as a team to move on and embrace technology and not be scared of it. We have a broad range of ages across our employees within our business, so the ability to adopt the technology has been important to us. The language that is used at chess is simple so it helps you overcome issues that you might encounter.

Our account manager has been excellent, she’s very responsive and professional. Chess has the scale to help us personally and it makes us feel valued.  

When you are very busy and trying to get a lot done, you want a good partner that you can rely on, that is professional, efficient, and can provide the human contact necessary for effective communication. That's what we have with Chess.

Chris Haworth, Co-Founder, CSH Transport and Forwarding