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Securing Remote Workers
In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, companies are enabling remote working at larger scales.


Often security is left as an afterthought and attackers take advantage of the newly created vulnerabilities in the system and the social panic. Ensure your organisation is secure and your data protected through a Remote Access Penetration Test.

Depending on your requirements, there are additional services, to help you secure your organisation and teams

Securing Remote Workers


If you are in the process of rolling out remote working for your organisation, this article will cover the basics you need to protect your organisation from cyber threats.

Remote Access Penetration Testing
Remote Access Break-In
Compromised Homeworker
External Vulnerability Assessment

Remote Access Break-In

The main objective of this type of penetration test is to obtain internal access to your organisation’s network.

It will test the outer layers of defences a company has put in place to protect remote working such as your remote access system, Citrix, Office 365, etc.

Compromised Homeworker

The main objective of this type of penetration test is to assess what a hacker can achieve if they bypass the remote access systems security controls and successfully gain internal access to your organisation’s network.

It exploits the possible misconfigurations of a rushed remote working roll out and checks what the VPN connection could be a path to. 

External Vulnerability Assessment

The objective of this scan is to asses and highlight vulnerabilities in your public facing infrastructure which may provide a route into your network. Vulnerabilities are scored by priority and remediation advice is provided

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