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Graham Foreman, Head of Public Sector, reviews the benefits of technology leasing offers to public sector organisations:


The reliable, cost-effective technology helps Public Sector organisations to improve performance and reduce security and compliance risk. Historically equipment has been purchased outright (capital expenditure), and assets utilised well after their end of life.

However, the technology industry progresses too fast, so the cost of maintaining legacy IT equipment becomes prohibitive. Furthermore, productivity and service quality are crucial, so technology must be reliable and secure. Budgets are under increasing pressure, so Public Sector organisations are caught between a rock and a hard place - stuck in a constant loop of maintaining outdated equipment and the financial burden to replace it.

For this reason, leasing is becoming more popular within the Public Sector. It means organisations can spread the cost of hardware yet benefit from the latest technology. As a result, teams can focus on the essential services and deliverables to the community.

Which Option Is Better for the Public Sector?

The easiest analogy I can think of is the cost of the family car. We all need it to carry out our daily family activities, school, work, shopping, leisure. More and more people are utilising leasing to have the best car every three years, some fully maintained. Leasing allows you to secure the car that works for you at an agreed monthly cost over a set period. If anything goes wrong, you call the lease company, and they take the burden of repair away. Let's bring the car analogy back to IT in the Public Sector.

The benefits are as follows:

Better Technology

Legacy out of date technology, which costs you more to maintain than the cost to replace, is no longer an issue if you lease the hardware. Plus, you can likely afford premium equipment. Similarly to premium cars, it holds its value longer and has a high residual value, which helps create an overall lower monthly lease payment.

Optimised Budgets

The huge upfront cost of IT disappears as you can spread the cost with a lease, allowing you to have an agreed budgeted fixed monthly fee. In addition, this approach frees up the capital for other core Public Sector functions.

Engaged People and Better Service

Providing the Public Sector workforce with up to date, reliable technology helps make people more productive and focus on their core role. As a result, teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers can all focus on their roles and do what they do best—no longer spending valuable time waiting for fixes to legacy IT.

Environmental Impact

Leasing allows for technology to be utilised whilst also focusing on sustainability since it offers environmentally friendly disposal or recycling of IT Hardware.

Layer your Security through G-Cloud

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How can we help you with leasing

In conclusion, investing via a lease for IT hardware leaves more capital to focus on core public sector activity and creates an efficient and reliable resource to assist the front line to provide the best service possible in their fields of expertise.

We use government-approved frameworks like YPO to allow you to procure. In most cases, leasing terms aren't as onerous as those for other contracts. Lease agreements rarely take more than 48 business hours to complete and can often be finalised on the same day.

We are proud to serve the Public Sector customer base with customers in NHS, Government, Blue Light, Housing and Education. As the Sophos Public Sector Partner of the Year 10 years in a row, one of the most accredited Microsoft partners in the UK and a team of more than ten CREST and CHECK certified penetration testers, our team will continue to support you on your technology journey.



We can help you on your journey and advise on the best approach for your organisation. Contact our expert team and book your FREE technology consultation today.


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Graham Foreman

Graham Foreman

Graham Foreman, Public Sector Sales Manager at Chess, is responsible for leading Public Sector sales and our dedicated teams in government, health, education, corporate and charity. Graham joined Chess in 2017, with a previous background in Telecoms.

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