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Fix a Technical Issue

We’re sorry to hear this and we’d like to help
For urgent faults which are affecting your business at a critical level you can call us to report this on 0344 770 6000 and select option 2 to speak to our team.

Before you call us, please complete our simple checks which may resolve your issue. If you are still experiencing a problem, please raise a ticket on the Customer Portal and our Service Desk will review and assign a response time. 

Simple Checks

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Connectivity FAQs

There are many things that can interfere with Wi Fi signal - having the device in a cupboard, near a TV or radio, near electrical cabling, distance, wall thickness, etc. The best thing to do is keep your device as far away from any interference as possible. If you find your wireless signal is still not what you'd hoped for, you could try a booster device, or improve access points. Get in touch if you need advice.  

For any issues with broadband or calls, we ask our customers to perform a small number of tests for us to diagnose any potential issues quicker. If these tests are not performed it may delay a full return to service. Please ensure all tests are completed from the master socket. If you're unsure on how to do this, we can guide you through this. 

To help us diagnose issues quicker we need you to tell us about any events that may have caused a fault on site or in your area - this could be recent storms, roadworks, flooding, or anything out of the ordinary. 

The time it takes to fix a fault can vary and can depend on your support level, the nature of your fault, your premises, engineers schedule, and even the weather.  

Our priority is to return you to a fully operational state as efficiently as possible. If you're a vital service that requires an extra layer of resilience, you may want to consider upgrading your support level. Our sales team would be happy to discuss this.  

To speed up getting your connectivity issue fixed, you can carry out these simple tests, this may fix your issue or will help us identify your problem much faster. Click on the link to the tests HERE 

Cloud Voice FAQs

We have a handy guide which covers most Cloud Voice features and how they work. The guide is available to download HERE.

We have a range of guides for several of our Cloud Voice Compatible handsets. 

Poly VVX 150 User Guide: Download Here 

Poly VVX 250 User Guide: Download Here

Poly VVX 450 User Guide: Download Here

Poly VVX 500 User Guide: Download Here 

Cloud PBX FAQs

If your handset screen is blank, this is either a faulty handset or a power issue. If your handset has power provided by a dedicated power unit plugged into the mains, check this hasn't been switched off. If power is provided by the network, check the ethernet cable underneath the phone hasn't become disconnected. Finally try and reconnect the handset where a working one is 

Does it work? If yes, then it’s possible a cable has been disconnected between the socket and the router and may require an engineering site visit. If the handset still doesn't work, you may have a faulty handset and you'll need to speak to one of our engineers.  

Crackly speech or poor audio quality is usually down to a faulty curly cord. If possible, swap the receiver and curly cord with a working phone and re-try 

Crackly speech or poor audio quality affecting all handsets is usually down to a poor/intermittent internet connection and as such your broadband needs checking by your service provider 

For problems with incoming calls, and assuming you can make outbound calls, it’s possible you have set the handset to send incoming calls to voicemail. Firstly, try a test call from a mobile or different extension and see where the call goes to. On some systems you can cancel all forwards on your handset only by dialling **11 

To get Cloudya working on a mobile device, ensure you have a good WiFi or GSM connection. If you still experience issues delete and reinstall the Cloudya app, using the same log in credentials as before. 


If a programme is running slowly or isn't working as it should, try closing the programme and re-opening it.  

You can also shut down your computer, wait a few seconds, and boot it up again. Some minor problems will work themselves out when you do this.  
Always follow the advice on screen while rebooting. Sometimes a reason for sluggish response times can be system updates in the background. If the device asks not to be powered down as it is installing updates, you must wait for it to finish. Failing to do so could lead to larger problems. 

If a programme has become completely unresponsive, you can press (and hold) the Control, Alt, and Delete keys to open the Task Manager. You can then select the program that isn't working and click End Task. If you are using a Mac, you can press Option, Command, Esc to open a similar dialog box.  

For a mouse or keyboard that has stopped working, Wired: make sure it's correctly plugged into the computer. Wireless make sure it's turned on and that the batteries are charged. 

For sound that isn’t working:

  • Check the volume level. Click the audio button in the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen to make sure the sound is turned on and that the volume is up.  
  • Check the audio player controls. Many audio and video players will have their own separate audio controls. Make sure the sound is turned on and that the volume is turned up in the player. 
  • Check the cables. Make sure external speakers are plugged in, turned on, and connected to the correct audio port or a USB port. If your computer has color-coded ports, the audio output port will usually be green.  
  • Connect headphones to the computer to find out if you can hear sound through the headphones.  

If your screen is showing blank, the computer may be in Sleep mode. Click the mouse or press any key on the keyboard to wake it.  

Make sure the monitor is plugged in and turned on.  

Make sure the computer is plugged in and turned on.  

If you're using a desktop, make sure the monitor cable is properly connected to the computer tower and the monitor 

If you can’t connect to WiFi when out of office, ensure you are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi Network. 

Check the signal strength for the connected network. If its low move the device closer to the Wi-Fi source. 

Disable/Enable the Wi-Fi on your device. 

To fix a black screen on a Remote Desktop, ensure you Log Out when you have finished, don't just close the window. If you are not able to log out at this stage, you'll need to contact the Service Desk. 

If MS Office reports as unlicensed, check within the banner reporting the error there is a link to activate or sign-in, sign-in with your work email account to activate Microsoft Office.  

When Logging a ticket with the support desk always try to get as much information as possible to aid the team to get you the outcome you need quickly. Try to include: 

  • The best way to contact you. 
  • Your location 
  • A clear description of what you are experiencing 
  • Screenshots 
  • Date/times 
  • How many people are affected and the impact of the issue