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Supporting the UK’s Public Services .

 £1 billion + of public money spent through CCS agreements in 2019/20
18,000 customers using CCS commercial agreements in 2019/20

Specialists in the Public Sector

Choosing a supplier is a complex process, however frameworks put in place by the government ease the pressure on resource, reducing risk and ensuing procurement compliance.

Chess has over 20 years’ experience in working with public sector organisations. We understand the need to drive efficiency and deliver value to the communities served, and are pleased to work with a wide range of referenceable organisations in local and national government, education and the NHS.

Framework Agreements 

Chess is a supplier on the Framework agreements below.


Crown Commercial Service (CCS)


G-Cloud 12


Lot 1: Cloud Hosting

Lot 2: Cloud Software

Lot 3: Cloud Support

Technology Online Purchasing Content (RM6147)


Technology Services 2


Lot 2: Transition and Transformation

Lot 3a: Operational Services - End User Services

Lot 3b: Operational Services - Operational Management

Lot 3c: Operational Services - Technical Management

Lot 3d: Operational Services - Application and Data Management

Network Services 2 (RM3808)

Lot 9: Audio conferencing services

Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 (RM1043.7)

Lot 1: Digital Outcomes

Lot 2: Digital Specialists


Network Connectivity and Telecommunication Solutions (976)

Lot 1 – Wide Area Network (WAN) Services

Lot 2 – Local Area Network (LAN) Services

Lot 6 – Communication Services

Lot 7 – Mobile, Voice and Data

Procurement Assist

Telecommunications Services Dynamic Purchasing System (PA BOS 05)

Category 1: Mobile Telecommunications

Category 2: Traditional Telephony and IP Telephony

Category 3: Connectivity

Category 4: Total Telecoms Solution




Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)

ICT Solutions and Supply of Network Infrastructure

Lot 1: Servers and Associated Equipment

Lot 2: Enterprise Storage

Lot 3: Backup & Archiving

Lot 5: Security Hardware

Lot 6: Maintenance, Installation & Support




Scottish Government

Telephony Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Lot 2 – Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony

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