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Traditional and Cloud-Based PBX Solutions

Many communications professionals see PBX solutions as the future of telephony. Yet even with the massive increase in popularity of cloud-based hosted and private IP PBX solutions, the traditional onsite PBX solution is still popular.

New Possibilities with Unified Communications

With a PBX solution you can achieve truly unified communications. It brings together separate forms of communication into a single, seamless user experience that combines voice, email, text and video conferencing – as well as messaging.

Contact Centre Solutions

Customer service is a differentiating factor for your business which must support your brand. Directing calls to the right person who can address an incoming query quickly and efficiently is vitally important and can be enabled with a PBX-based contact centre solution.

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Cloud PBX

The main benefits of a cloud PBX solution are reduced capital costs and the fact that your PBX solution can be managed for you by a provider. That makes a cloud PBX easy and fast to deploy, as well as keeping ongoing costs to a minimum.

Business Flexibility

Because your PBX equipment is managed in the cloud, there’s no complex or communications technology for you to manage on your premises. This saves you time and delivers efficiency gains for your business as well as greater flexibility. You can scale the size of your solution quickly up or down.

Case Study
Helping an International Business

Download our case study to find out how we helped save Armstrong Craven tens of thousands of pounds a year.

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of organisations choose hosted voice because traditional phone systems are too unreliable.
of voice traffic in a business are now conference calls.
number of hosted voice subscribers by 2020.

If you have multiple teams of sales and customer service employees with a heavy requirement for inter-team telephony services, you need a PBX system that can support inbound and outbound voice services for any number of interconnected users.

Cost-Saving Communications Solutions for Collaborative Teams

Your PBX should enable your organisation with seamless communications between teams, as well as delivering the added value of unified communications, free user-to-user IP calls and only minimal handset to lines requirement.

Looking for hassle-free and affordable PBX capabilities to replace your existing telephone system?

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I like the Degree of Mobility That System Delivers
“I particularly like the degree of mobility that system delivers. I can call the office from anywhere in the world where there is a Wi-Fi connection and can make international calls at a much cheaper rate than previously. It is very convenient, and the call quality is always very good. The system allows us to connect and transfer calls easily with staff who are out of the office.”
Rachid Daker, Director
Daker Estates
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“Chess staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.”
Offer a Consistent Level of Service at All Times
“Chess are quick to respond to any enquiries and offer a consistent level of service at all times.”
Unified Communications

A PBX-based unified communications solution can empower your organisation by combining voice and conference call services with web-based collaboration capabilities, voicemail, messaging and mobility. Key user features can be managed from the desktop as well as from a central console.

It’s a secure, reliable and easy to use communications solution that’s both flexible and scalable, allowing you to manage your costs in line with the pace of your business growth.

Delivering Time Savings and Cost Reductions

Face-to-face customer interaction is an invaluable part of sales. And with a modern video-conferencing solution it’s an easy, hassle-free communications solution compared to spending time driving around the country for meetings. With unified communications, every aspect of your customer communication and engagement can be made time- and cost-efficient.

Solutions that help your people stay connected.
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Cloud PBX
Our Cloud PBX solutions can help improve communication within your business, reduce costs and bring your business into the digital age.
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PBX solutions allow your telephone systems to function seamlessly across many teams internally — thus are ideal for sales/customer service focused businesses. Chess can work with your organisation to develop a PBX solution tailored to your operations.
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Unified Comms
We provide solutions that can help everyone in your organisation to communicate, work and share information on a global scale.
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Contact Centre
Our contact centre system offers call and contact routing for high call volumes.