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Securing Your Gateways to the World Wide Web

The internet was originally designed to help individuals get access to the information they need, freely and easily. For business organisations there’s a tricky balance to be struck.

On the one hand, you need to make it easy for employees to collaborate, communicate and access the resources they need outside the network. On the other hand, it’s vital that they do so safely and securely, and that no unauthorised traffic can get into the network.

Productivity with Security

The only way to deliver effective web protection is to use a solution that combines accessibility with security, control, and insights. At the same time, it’s vital not to hamstring employees with slow, inefficient network performance that will damage their productivity.

Combining Gateway Security Solutions

For the optimum solution in gateway security, you require complex firewall technology, combined with mobile device management, web and email proxy solutions and specialist web application firewalls.

The average number of infected computers organisation suffer per month.
Of network traffic that is going unidentified and cannot be controlled.
Average number of our hours it takes to identify, isolate, and remediate infected computers.
Firewall Security

Modern firewalls intelligently learn to protect against new threats before they can manifest within the network. Exploits such as ransomware, bots, worms, hacks and breaches can be stopped and risks exposed so that any infected systems can be isolated before malware spreads.

Complete Network Visibility and Control

Administrators need detailed visibility of the network, its users and applications, so they can monitor network health, set policies and manage users through a single, central firewall console. The rich, reporting capabilities of Sophos and Forcepoint provide administrators with snapshot status updates so they can remain compliant and save business managers having to worry about security matters.

Your Network Firewall's Dirty Secrets
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Mobile Device Management

Everyone has their own mobile device these days and it’s almost impossible to stop employees bring them into the office without severe controls. The only way to manage this is to combine management of business-owned devices with access management for personal ones using a unified endpoint management solution.

The Smart Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Solution

Your employees want to use their mobile devices because it improves their productivity. So your mobile device security management solution must not disrupt that. A solution such as Sophos Mobile offers administrators a way to keep business documents on all personal devices protected against viruses, malware and malicious content via a single console – without intruding on the user.

Working with Chess was Efficient and Insightful
"Working with Chess was efficient and insightful. Our aim was to view security from a hacker point of view and Chess helped us to do that."
Jason Creswell
The Health Informatics Service (THIS)
Excellent Professional Services
“I’ve known Chess a very, very long time. We’ve had their engineers carry out their excellent professional services onsite for many years, including installs and training."
Dave Kilpatrick
Philip Williams & Co
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“The Chess engineer on site carried out the install quickly, professionally and seamlessly.”
Brendan Murphy, IT Manager
Web and Email Gateway Protection

While browsing, your network users may stray to websites where they could inadvertently pick up malicious software. Secure web gateways filter out malicious internet traffic in real time to protect office and remote users against website borne malware and prevent data loss. Email gateways act in much the same way, filtering out email-borne threats, spam and spear phishing attacks.

Effective Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Your email or web gateway solution’s DLP capability will automatically prevent sensitive business data from being accidentally shared or intercepted. Emails and attachments can be automatically scanned, encrypted and digitally signed. Website traffic can be filtered or blocked, and web applications controlled. All your policies can be managed easily from a single control interface.

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Solutions that help keep your gateways secure.
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Comprehensive Gartner leading Next-Gen protection that's simple to manage with a full range of deployment options.
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Mobile Device Management
The modern workplace demands that your business allows users to work anytime, anywhere on any device. Chess can deliver a solution that doesn't interfere with productivity whilst ensuring business data never goes adrift or is threatened by malware.
Proxies (Web / Email)
Your organisation is under constant attack. Protect your network and roaming users from the latest web threats and malicious emails with simple local management controls with a host of deployment options to suit your infrastructure.
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Web Application Firewall
A Web Application Firewall (WAF) secures web applications and enables PCI compliance by mitigating web application hacks and attacks while still enabling authorised access to those who need it.


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