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Securing Your Business
How to Protect the Endpoint Devices in Your Business

The growth in the number of endpoint user devices – both fixed and wireless – in every business shows no sign of stopping. It’s a major challenge for IT managers to ensure that these devices, which are being used to access critical data and systems within the organisation every day, are secured and don’t represent a threat to the business.

Endpoint Security

The endpoint devices used by your employees to gain access to vital, confidential data, apps and business systems include laptops, desktop computers, mobile and phones and tablets. Each one represents a potential threat to your data integrity if compromised in any way by cyberthreats.

A Comprehensive Approach

To ensure comprehensive endpoint security, you need a full range of technologies ranging from exploit prevention, anti ransomware and anti malware measures, application and device control systems, encryption and password management.

Relying on Chess
"We are relying on our Chess UTM to protect us in these dark corners of the internet."
Dean Woodcock, Head of Broadcast Technology and IT
Absolute Radio
Very Happy with Our Security Now
"I’m very happy with our security now, it covers all the threats that you’d expect to see come from a technological point of view."
Dave Kilpatrick
Philips William & Co
Chess Opened My Eyes
"The presentation Chess did opened my eyes to this choice and with their virtual deployment options became a natural fit to replace our current solution.”
Brendan Murphy, IT Manager
Preventing Endpoint Exploits

Securing endpoint devices against a broad range of threats requires far-reaching anti exploit technology to block attackers. Combining multiple techniques such as malware detection, behaviour analysis, web filtering and anti-ransomware measures from Sophos is the best way to lock out the hackers intent on introducing and distributing malware and stealing credentials.

Beating the Hackers — Intelligently

Modern anti exploit technology to protect endpoints incorporates neural network-based artificial intelligence. It’s the only way to defeat the vast and ever-changing range of end point exploit threats, and it succeeds because machine learning can detect known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Number of businesses that experienced one or more ransomware incidents in the last year.
Admit to paying a ransom.
Of successful attacks use fileless techniques.
Anti Ransomware

Ransomware is the number one cybersecurity threat to your business — and to every business — today. Why? Because it relies on being introduced into the network by an unsuspecting user who opens a malicious file attachment or clicks on a web link. The answer is to augment existing defences with software that is specifically designed to protect users against ransomware.  

Incrementally Strong Protection Against Ransomware

New AI-based technologies from leaders such as Sophos are designed to block exploits and techniques used to distribute malware and steal logon details by compromising network endpoints. They learn intelligently and incrementally in order to provide ever-improving protection and ensure your business endpoints are hardened against the efforts of hackers.

Application and Device Control

As an IT Manager, your inability to keep track of every endpoint device or application in use within the network is a constant worry. The security risks of employees bringing their own devices into work, along with the unknown applications they download, is a source of great concern, not just because of the malware that might already be on the device, but because of what might be downloaded within the network.

Complete Network Visibility

You need a solution that lets you see the endpoint devices and applications in use at any time and anywhere in the network. Once you have complete visibility of what’s on the network you’ll be better able to control access and prevent malware.  Using solutions from Sophos, ForeScout and Thycotic, you can discover and control all the managed and unmanaged devices on your network.


Endpoint Password Management

Password-based access to privileged accounts is commonly flawed by the use of weak password practice, with simple passwords being used across multiple accounts. The solution is to deploy password protection software which can prevent the capture of user credentials and logon details by hackers to want to gain access to confidential systems and data.


Ensuring Effective Password Policy

It’s equally important to make sure that once created, passwords are rotated, monitored and removed without disruption to work patterns. As well as central management of password policy, you’ll also need to audit and report on the measures you’re using to control passwords to satisfy compliance officers.  

Trusted endpoint suppliers we're proud to work with.
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Solutions that help your business stay protected.
Anti Exploit
It denies attackers by blocking the exploits and techniques used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection. Helping you stop evasive hackers and zero-day attacks hitting your network.
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Anti Ransomware
Ransomware needs no introduction as it's fast become the most prevalent threat to your business today. We can provide you with groundbreaking and award-winning technology to block all known ransomware on the planet.
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Anti Malware
Our technology providers block malware and infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviours used in almost every exploit, without the need to rely on signatures. Which means it catches zero-day threats without adversely affecting the performance of your device.
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Application / Device Control
Chess provide numerous elegant solutions to the industry wide problem of identifying and controlling applications and devices that sit on your network.
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Comply with GDPR regulations and prevent data breaches by encrypting data on devices and removable media whilst still allowing for secure content collaboration.
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Password Management
Privileged account passwords are becoming a primary target for hackers. It is crucial that you and your team discover, secure and manage privileged account passwords across your organisation and use multi factor authentication where appropriate.


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