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Your business strategy and objectives are underpinned by an ICT infrastructure which has to be robust and future proof. We've been delivering end to end infrastructure solutions for over 25 years and are trusted by organisations across the UK.

End User Devices


All Part of the Service
Service includes delivery to desktop, asset tracking & tagging, IT asset recycling, desktop/notebook repairs, in warranty repair services, on-site maintenance services, removal and recycling of packaging, extended warranty service and insurance services.
Extensive Choice
Your business benefits from our established partnerships at the highest level with leading IT vendors - ensuring your business is equipped with desktop devices and components to suit you, your business and your team.
The Tools your Business Needs
You need the right equipment, from notebooks to tablets to support your infrastructure and to ensure you are not spending your budget unnecessarily. By understanding your needs, Chess can ensure your IT works.
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The Future is Mobile
Your business is wherever you and your employees are. Keep you, your teams and your customers connected with business grade mobile technology.
Security on the Go
Ensuring your business communication remains secure, inside and outside the office.
Easy to Manage Systems
Freeing up your IT team to concentrate on what's most important to your business.
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Peripherals & Consumables


Advised Choices, Informed Decisions
The choice of peripherals — from printers to projectors — can be confusing. Chess can advise and guide, so that you're able to make an informed choice, making the most of your budget.
Video Conferencing — Revolutionising How We Do Business
Cost effective, time saving and key for building relationships between teams and customers, whether across the city or across the world.
Our Suppliers
We have long standing relationships with leading vendors, including HP and Microsoft.
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Flexible by Nature, Innovative by Design
Whether Cloud or on premise, Chess will advise and deliver an end-to-end solution customers can rely on. So if your current servers are reaching End of Life, contact our specialists to explore the options open to you,
The latest server solutions for your network
Flexible and scalable, offering solutions which grow with your business.
Our Suppliers
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC and Cisco
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Business Data — the Key to Good Decision Making
Choosing the best storage option for your business ensures fast access to the data you need, every day, whether it’s business as usual, or under exceptional circumstances.
Downtime Costs
A storage replication service provides an extra measure of redundancy that can be invaluable if the main storage backup system fails.
Should the Unthinkable Happen
Ensure your business is quickly up and running again in the case of a major incident. In the event of a disaster, companies that aren’t able to resume operations within ten days are not likely to survive.


Protect Against Lost Time and Revenue
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides protection from the damage caused by power failure, current fluctuations and electrical interference.
Offering the Ideal Solution, Wherever Your Business is Based
Products for use in the home, office, data centres, industrial and commercial environments.
Our Supplier
APC and Eaton

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