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Rather than purchasing servers, software, data-centre space or network equipment, rent these resources as a fully outsourced service. 


From Capital to Operational

IaaS costs are purely operational. With each component offered individually, your IT resource is closely aligned to your business need — just pay for what you use, with all hardware issues and problems managed by the cloud provider.

Outsourced Hardware, Inhouse Software

Whilst hardware is provided and managed externally, saving IT time and resource, software remains under your control, allowing for the purchase, installation and configuration of your own operating systems, middleware and applications.

Our Suppliers

Azure, iland

Essential For

Variable Workloads
Workloads that can vary — whether as a result of short term projects or changes in business requirements, can be managed efficiently and effectively. Unused capability is removed, additional capability is easily accessible.
Cost Efficiency
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IaaS removes the need for hardware purchase, management and support — saving capital expenditure and staff resource costs.
Eliminating Single Point of Failure
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With no single hardware resource to depend on, service levels are protected against individual failure.
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