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Delivering ICT Flexibility

In order to operate with agility, speed and flexibility, your business ICT systems must provide access to data in all its forms and formats when and where it is needed. Storing and serving data in the cloud means that employees can gain access to the business data they need to do their their daily jobs, securely, at any time, and no matter where they are based.

Cloud Control

Cloud infrastructure gives you more operational flexibility, but it also gives you more control of your budget because you only pay for what you make use of. You can select the software, hardware and specifications that your organisation needs and know that your data is completely secure.

Tailored Solutions

Private and public cloud solutions – and hybrids of the two – each have their own merits. Tell your cloud service provider what you want to achieve, and they’ll be happy to scope a cloud solution and service which is a customised fit for your business.

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Cloud Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

In unexpected or disaster situations, even temporary network downtime can cause huge inconvenience. Permanently losing data can lead to commercial ruin. So by backing up your business critical data to the cloud, you can mitigate against the catastrophic consequences of a major event. Disaster recovery using cloud-based back up is faster and more efficient with the right solutions, and may well prove the difference that keeps you in business.

All the Protection You Need

Cloud-based disaster recovery and the data back-up it relies on can be easily scaled up as your business grows. From a start-up or SME to a large corporation, the service provided can grow to provide the protection and business continuity you need.

Making Teamwork Work

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Infrastructure as a Service

Making use of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) saves your business money and offers maximum flexibility by allowing you to purchase just the IT resources you need at the right time for your business. Selecting and purchasing individual components on the basis of business requirements means costs are kept down, while any problems with hardware are managed by the cloud provider.

Maintaining Control

Having hardware managed externally while keeping software under the control of your own IT team cuts costs, saves working time and maximises flexibility. Maintenance of capital-intensive hardware becomes the responsibility of your cloud provider, while you can pick and choose the software applications you need to enable and empower your business. From operating systems to middleware, you can create agile solutions and operational business systems designed to react quickly to the demands of your business environment.

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Private Cloud Solutions

A dedicated private cloud network, with your business as the only tenant, offers maximum security. In the wake of GDPR, it’s the ideal choice for any business with stringent security and compliance requirements. If large amounts of data and the highest standards of privacy are critical for your business, a private cloud solution represents the safest and most efficient choice.

Private Cloud for Complete Control

Opting for a private cloud solution gives you maximum control over your cloud environment. The ability to customise specific components to your exact business needs offers the ultimate level of flexibility for your business, your IT team and your network users.

Guaranteed Performance

Every business depends on certain critical applications and IT infrastructure, all of which needs to perform to maximum potential and efficiency to deliver value. The dedicated resources provided by a private cloud network will help ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime for your critical systems and applications.

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Moving Panaz to the Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions for the Perfect Blend

Depending on your specific requirements, a combined public and private cloud solution may provide the most versatility. Private cloud with access to the public cloud offers the ideal combination of control, access and flexibility.

Public and Private Cloud Networks

A public cloud solution is a simple and flexible resource for enabling and supporting a huge range of standard business processes and tasks. Private cloud networks are ideally suited for business-critical or highly sensitive processes and those relating to matters of compliance.

Hybrid cloud solutions, which comprise public and private cloud elements, provide a ‘best of all worlds’ combination of flexibility, security, control and productivity and can be made more bespoke to specific requirements on a case by case basis.

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The Simple Convenience of The Public Cloud

The public cloud is the perfect money saving solution for a small to medium sized business. You can enjoy all of the convenience of off-site storage, hardware, security and support. At the same time, you have the option to scale your provision up or down quickly and easily as the circumstances of your business change. You only pay for what you need at any given time, responding instantly to fluctuations in sales, user demand or production requirements.

Flexible Response

The successful modern business is one which can respond and react in an agile and flexible manner to changing commercial demands. Public cloud provision, supplied by Azure, will allow your employees to respond to your clients quickly and in the right way, when needed.

Solutions that puts your IT in the Cloud.
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Rather than purchasing servers, software, data-centre space or network equipment, rent these resources as a fully outsourced service.
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Backup & Disaster Recovery
Unforeseen disasters can paralyse a business, leading to costly periods of downtime. Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions mitigate the risk, providing protection for you, your business and your customers.
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Private Cloud
Combining the the versatility of the Cloud with additional security, Private Cloud offers a scalable solution that can be tailored to your individual business needs.
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Hybrid Cloud
A Hybrid Cloud system, combining both Public and Private Cloud solutions to give your business a versatile edge.
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Public Cloud
Public Cloud is probably the most recognisable cloud computing solution. Public Cloud ultimately allows your business to make resources available to the general public on the cloud.


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