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Access corporate or personal data from virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Cloud based disaster recovery can get your company operational again more quickly than traditional methods — for some companies, the difference between collapse or continuation.
The storage capacity for your disaster recovery site can be flexed as required, growing as your business grows.
Our Suppliers
Veeam, Datto, Ctera and Zerto
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From Capital to Operational
IaaS costs are purely operational. With each component offered individually, your IT resource is closely aligned to your business need — just pay for what you use, with all hardware issues and problems managed by the cloud provider.
Outsourced Hardware, Inhouse Software
Whilst hardware is provided and managed externally, saving IT time and resource, software remains under your control, allowing for the purchase, installation and configuration of your own operating systems, middleware and applications.
Our Suppliers
Azure, iland
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Private Cloud

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A dedicated, single-tenant network is the option of choice for organisations with stringent security and compliance requirements.
The option to customise components according to your specific requirements is easily delivered in a Private Cloud environment.
Business critical applications, or ones demanding high performance, benefit from the dedicated resource delivered by Private Cloud.
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Hybrid Cloud


Best of Both Worlds
Hybrid - the combination of Public Cloud with on-site presence.
Matching Features to Requirements
While the Public Cloud is perfectly suited to non-sensitive business operations, the Private Cloud offers specific benefits for more critical or compliance-related requirements.
Our Suppliers
iomart; Azure
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Public Cloud

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What You Need, When You Need It
Ideal for small and medium sized businesses, Public Cloud solutions are also well suited to businesses with fluctuating demands, offering the facility to scale power up — or down — as required; on demand.
In today's fast moving commercial environments, agility and responsiveness are the hallmarks of a successful business.
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