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Empowering the Digital Revolution

Why Chess Devices?

Gartner predict that by 2020, 30% of business devices will be purchased through an opex finance model. The rise of the digital workplace is forcing a renewed interest in modernising business devices that are thinner, lighter, more secure and with new levels of performance and connectivity.

If It Appreciates, Buy It — If It Depreciates, Lease It

J Paul Getty’s famous advice is as compelling for laptops and mobiles as is it for cars and photocopiers. A rapidly evolving digital workplace is placing unprecedented demands on IT infrastructure, and it’s the agility of a flexible, leasing model which is overcoming the challenges and barriers faced when procuring IT equipment.

Why Lease?

There are growing reasons to adopt a leasing model. With the option to refresh, return or retain devices at the end of the lease, it’s rapidly becoming the purchasing model of choice. Sourcing the right technology today, at the lowest price, ensures you and your people remain adaptable and agile for the changes coming tomorrow.

Buy or Lease?
A Guide on Updating Your Device Refresh Strategy

Factors to consider when embarking on a hardware refresh programme.

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Industry Leading Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops

The traditional trade-off between cost and functionality is no longer the key factor in procuring business critical equipment for your people. Leasing makes it easier to provide the tech your business needs for the next two years, rather than the equipment dictated by your budget at a single point in time.

Choose Your Device

Phones: Choose from the best selling devices, including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10 ranges.

Tablets: Combining portability and functionality, the new generation of tablets available run Windows 10 and  are successfully challenging the popularity of more traditional laptops.

Laptops: Take advantage of HP’s monthly promotions, or opt for one of Microsoft’s popular Surface devices. Care Packs, offering extended service agreements, are available to help protect business continuity, and selected peripherals are also included in the range of lease items.  

3 yrs
Average lifespan of a business laptop
Use a mobile device for work
Workload decreased through cloud

How It Works — Refresh, Retain, Return


After two years you’ll be able to upgrade to a new device. There’s no renewal fee, no end of lease fee, and you’ll have a choice of the latest models and devices. Your original device will be erased securely (see below).

Want to upgrade before the lease is up? No problem, simply give us a call. Termination fees may apply, and these can be rolled into your next lease agreement.)


At the end of the lease term, you may want to opt to keep your device, at a fair market value.


You’ll be contacted in good time, to ensure any data is securely migrated off the existing device. Your device will then be securely erased in accordance with WEEE regulations, and a certificate issued.  There’s no end of lease fee to pay.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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Start Your Digital Revolution

Download our guide to find out how you can get the tech you need at a price you can afford. 

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Core Benefits

Financial Freedom

Device and Network Freedom

Great Price and Excellent Delivery Times.
"We have worked with Chess for a few years now, from the first instance of helping us change from our very old phone system to the new IP system we have now, the engineers from Chess were very experienced and help full throughout the installation. We have also just started to upgrade to new Windows 10 laptops which have been sourced from and delivered by Chess, great price and excellent delivery times"
Mark Edmands, Network And Infrastructure Analyst
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