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Reroute Your Calls with Chess Divert
Redirect your calls to help you work from anywhere, at any time

With Chess Divert, calls can easily be diverted to different people, and to multiple locations. Schedule in advance when you'd like calls to divert, or change them instantly with the push of a button. You can keep the same ring groups and call groups as you’d have in the office, and your people can leave or join groups with just a click.

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Manage Business Calls From Anywhere
Chess Divert
Chess Divert +
Chess Audio Conference Lite
Chess Audio Conference

Chess Divert

Temporarily diverting your calls from your current premises to a new inbound number allows you to manage incoming calls and maintain workflow.

Chess Divert +

In addition to the features and benefits of Chess Divert, Divert+ includes ‘Agent Ready’, a mobile & web app that allows remote workers to log themselves in and out of hunt groups, and allows them to decide when and where their calls are sent. 

Chess Audio Conference Lite

Chess Audio Conferencing Lite is a quick and easy choice – no setup fee and no contract needed.

Chess Audio Conference

When you need to bring together internal teams or external customers for online meetings, Chess Audio Conferencing gives you the ability to easily create and manage discussions in a virtual environment, regardless of physical location. 


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