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Every year 40% of businesses experience some form of telephone fault. Avoid BT Openreach engineering charges by signing up to Chess Line Assurance for as little as £1.99 pcm 

Great For

Businesses Looking for Peace of Mind With their Lines

Line assurance offers complete peace of mind, ensuring you avoid all costs associated with BT Openreach engineers.

Organisations Looking for Cost Effective Line Cover

Faults caused by the line or equipment in your premises can result in you having to call out BT Openreach who will charge a fee of up to £205 +VAT. Avoid these call out costs by paying as little as £1.99 pcm to cover yourself against unexpected faults.

Businesses who Require Reliable Cover

We understand that all businesses expect reliable cover when things go wrong. Our line assurance offers an effective solution, with all faults being dealt with efficiently and to a high standard.


Protect you From Engineering Charges
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Engineer charges cost between £145 and £205 depending on day of the week, be sure to avoid these costs with line assurance.
Covers Additional Engineer Charges
Each additional hour of work carried out by an engineer is charged at between £60 and £120 p/hour.
Don’t Get Caught Out
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40% of businesses experience some form of telephone fault each year.


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