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Discover our diverse range of network solutions, from MPLS to P2P — we can tailor a solution to your business needs.



Simplify Communications
Our MPLS solution allows you to integrate your assets into our data centre, where you can benefit from centralised applications and overall improved processes.
Reduce Costs
By optimising your network your business can reduce its bandwidth-related expenses. Our MPLS solution enables businesses to improve performance and reduce costs by as much as 30% by consolidating voice and data.
Flexible Solution
With our MPLS solution you can choose from a wide range of access options (ranging from ADSL to Ethernet). MPLS is also highly scalable meaning that you can connect your sites economically.


Take Full Control over Your VPN
Our VPLS solution, enables you to take full control over your VPN — all of our solutions are supported by the latest technology.
Greater Internal Control
Give your business greater internal control over its business VPN with the additional benefit of greater bandwidth choices over MPLS.
Bring Your Systems Together
With our VPLS system you can operate voice, data and Internet access on separate virtual networks, all from one location.


Bring Your Systems Together
Run voice and data between all your business locations and share information seamlessly. You can have your employees connected to all business tools and applications across your sites. People can work smarter, be more productive and efficient, no matter where they're based.
Benefit from Great Performance
Choose your bandwidth to suit your business needs, from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps. There are no limits on how much of the bandwidth you use, which means our solution is completely scalable.
Benefit from Security and Reliability
Your ports are dedicated for your business use only which means your service would not be affected by any general internet traffic. Moreover, with our multiple switching points and dual routing, your business can enjoy the highest level of internet resilience.
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Enhanced Network Performance
Improve your networking performance. Our SD-WAN solution offers a new way to manage and operate your WAN infrastructure.
Centralise Your Control
Our SD-WAN solution is managed by a centralised controller. It enables your IT staff to remotely program edge devices and reduce provisioning times, thus minimising or eliminating the need to manually configure traditional routers in branch locations.
Improved Performance
SD-WAN improves application performance through a combination of WAN optimisation techniques and its ability to dynamically shift traffic to links with bandwidth sufficient enough to accommodate each application's requirements.

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