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Seamless Connection at Your Fingertips
Mobile Solutions to Suit your Empire

It’s important that your people can stay connected in and out of the office. Whether it’s the latest smartphones, tablets or laptops, voice or data, you can empower your workforce by providing them with flexible and dynamic mobile communications.

Controlling costs and performance

Your mobile operations should be built around your current and future needs. Customised solutions can be quickly implemented to support the flexibility your people require.

Our mobile solution gives your business access to competitive tariffs, to provide the most cost-effective plans with the industry’s leading network providers.

Of employees spend over two hours a week accessing company information on a mobile.
The number additional hours a year worked by a mobile worker.
9 in 10
App users say that apps for work have changed their behaviour as a business professional.
Mobile Voice Solutions

Organisations with employees who are connected everywhere are agile, efficient and responsive. Being both accessible and having access to customers, people and resources whenever and wherever needed is a key requirement for today’s mobile workforces. Being able to talk on the move is a necessity.

Are you ready for a mobile workforce?

Download our infographic to learn find out how to prepare for a millennial mobile worker.  

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Coverage and Reception

Getting access to the right tariffs and plans, from the right mobile network providers with the strongest and most comprehensive coverage for your mobile users can improve your competitiveness, as well as your operational efficiency. The future of 5G is set to streamline communications for businesses aiming to benefit from big data by improving connection speeds.


The mobile devices required by your employees will depend on their job roles and objectives. Everyone knows that there’s an almost unlimited number of features and specifications when it comes to smart phones, so making the right choice isn’t always easy.

Leading handset manufacturers Apple and Samsung make a bewildering array of mobile devices. Your mobile solution provider can help you make the right choices from combination of memory, performance and features available, so the evolving requirements of your workforce are properly addressed.

I like the Degree of Mobility That System Delivers
“I particularly like the degree of mobility that system delivers. I can call the office from anywhere in the world where there is a Wi-Fi connection and can make international calls at a much cheaper rate than previously. It is very convenient, and the call quality is always very good. The system allows us to connect and transfer calls easily with staff who are out of the office.”
Rachid Daker, Director
Daker Estates
I Would Highly Recommend Them
“Chess staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.”
Offer a Consistent Level of Service at All Times
“Chess are quick to respond to any enquiries and offer a consistent level of service at all times.”
Improving Business Operations

Whether for collecting and controlling data, managing of applications remotely across the internet, or automating communications directly between devices, your M2M network can improve your business operations efficiency both reliably and securely.

IoT / M2M

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) networking are revolutionising the communications mix. While M2M enables direct point-to-point connectivity and communication, the IoT allows IP-enabled devices and machines — and their associated processes or applications — to manage and control each other.

Networks we are proud to work with.
Increase Efficiency with Mobile Data

Being able to talk anytime, anywhere is vital, however the ability to work seamlessly to achieve goals and objectives is fundamental a mobile workforce. Key in your communications strategy, your mobile data solution must empower your people to do their jobs and perform whenever it’s personally and operationally convenient.

Multi-Net Roaming for Constant Connection

For mobile connectivity to support your business goals, your mobile workers need roaming access across networks to ensure they remain constantly connected. The speed of connectivity can boost — or hinder — productivity dramatically, so having a choice of network connection speeds is key.

Mobile solutions that help your business stay connected.
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We have partnered with industry leading networks including EE, O2 and Vodafone to give you the best network reception at the best prices.
You will have access to the UK’s largest data networks, with the option to add a Multi-Net SIM so you can roam between networks and always stay connected.
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Ensuring you and your people can always have the latest technology at the best prices.
IoT / M2M
A range of innovative solutions that enable you to collect and communicate data to improve your business operations.


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