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Leased Lines

Our leased lines provide an internet connection, unrivalled on both reliability and performance. Perfect for businesses who need unrestricted internet connection and regard connectivity as business critical.

Great for

Handling Sensitive Data

Our leased lines solution is the ultimate in secure connections. Confidential information that you send or receive will remain that way, thus proving perfect for data-sensitive businesses.

High-Grade Connectivity

Leased lines provide the ultimate in connectivity speeds - unlike broadband, bandwidth is not shared with anyone else, so speeds are guaranteed.

Building Networks and Infrastructure

Many organisations use our leased line connection work across multiple sites. If your organisation also relies on centralised sales, ERP or CRM systems a leased line is a solution you should be considering.


Why Leased Lines

Unrivalled Speed
Leased lines are the perfect solution for organisations wanting stellar, lightning-fast Internet performance — enabling your business to enjoy uploads and downloads up to 10Gbps.
Future Proof Solution
Our leased lines solution can evolve with your business at short notice — you only pay for the band with you require. Leased lines provide businesses with the ultimate scalable solution.
Expert customer support
Our team of UK-based experts are on hand 24/7 to support your business. With a 99% network reliability and SLA- 6-hour fix you can be assured a leased line will be a reliable and speedy service for your business.

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