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Software Solutions to Transform Your Business

The software you choose is like the oil that keeps your business engine running. Get it right and your business turns over smoothly, each part interlocking perfectly with every other part. Get it wrong and you spend needlessly on a system that slows your employees down.

Software Subscriptions for the Connected World

If you house them yourself, the hardware elements of your network can both eat up capital budget and take up valuable commercial space. Virtual and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions shrink this demand while still delivering operational software effectively.

Set Up and Forget

With a business to run you don’t want to spend valuable time worrying about your IT infrastructure. By sourcing your required software via subscription, you’ll both empower your employees and benefit from an always-up-to-date solution — meaning that your software supports your business, not the other way around.

Of organisations say nearly all their apps will be SaaS by 2020.
Amount saved by moving to a virtual server
Organisations say their internal IT skillset is inadequate to meet end user expectations.
Controlling Costs with Software as a Service (SaaS)

The software you choose must integrate seamlessly with your wider business in order to enable and empower your employees. And it needs to be affordable. By sourcing software via subscription using Software as a Service (SaaS), you get the best of all worlds; industry leading products like Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics, plus software systems that can be deployed and operational fast, and which are updated regularly and automatically.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Business software is always changing and updating. New features, security patches, functionality enhancements and other releases all mean it’s imperative to have access to the latest versions of the software when it is available. SaaS provides updates and upgrades automatically with no extra expense, painlessly and efficiently to every subscribed device and employee account in the business.

6 Steps to Success with Office 365
Download our datasheet to find out how Office 365 can add flexibility and agility to your business while reducing costs. 
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Save Space, Time and Money with Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation consolidates multiple, under-used physical servers onto a physical host server running virtualisation software. The money usually spent on hardware is reduced massively, while server provision is maintained. It’s a solution which increases productivity by taking the necessity of servers and using virtualisation to shrink it.

A Desktop That Follows Your Employees

The modern workforce needs to be mobile, agile and accessible. Employees can be called on to work anywhere in the world at any time. Desktop virtualisation means they can take their office environment wherever they need to go, and still rely on security and compliance.

Immediate Cost Savings with Application Virtualisation

Your employees must have instant access to the applications they need to do their jobs. Yet making every application available to every employee at all times can be expensive and time-consuming. As an alternative to installing every application on every device, application virtualisation only supplies the app when it’s actually needed, including to mobile devices if required. It’s an efficient, cost-effective way to make applications available which allows for greater security and monitoring of usage.

We Realised That We Could Do All of the Things We Wanted Using Office 365
"We realised that we could do all of the things we wanted using Office 365 and all the applications that came with it — if we deployed it effectively. We trialled it for a short while and knew that it would work, but only if we did a full-on integration, so students could log on once and gain access to everything.”
John Billington, Head of Services
Hugh Baird College
Staff Experienced a Seamless Integration to Exchange Online
"Staff experienced a seamless integration to Exchange Online with the business running as normal during the week of migration. There was very little disruption to activity. The only difference was the far superior user experience introduced by Microsoft Exchange Online."
Support Calls Have Dropped
"The new infrastructure VDI delivers a dynamic suite of software that can be updated, changed and distributed in a 12 hour window. The VMware View management console means only one team member is needed to monitor all active student and staff sessions. Support calls have therefore dropped as it is easier for staff and students to log on and manage new PCs."
The Right Advice for the Right Price

By understanding your business today and predicting how it will change and grow in the future, you can create the perfect combination of virtual and physical solutions. Choose software which complements your hardware and allows your employees to work how they want to work, whether that’s behind a desk or on the road. Careful analysis will reduce waste on software that’s surplus to requirements.

Ready When You Are

By using a Managed Services team, you’ll have access to an experienced team of consultants. They’ll be at your disposal and constantly looking for ways to save time and money on your server choices. You’ll benefit from a consultancy approach that provides much-needed advice, delivers seamless implementation with the minimum of disruption and which saves you money.

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